#Book Review: Mayuri Nidigallu’s – My A TO Z of Chennai


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Genre: Travelogue
Age group: Anyone who wants to explore Chennai
Number of Pages: 36
Format: E-Book


About the Book:

To start with after reading the book I was amazed at the hidden gems in Chennai the author has shared in the book. The hidden gems not only in terms of different places but food, distinct features of the city and the people of course.

I have a love and hate relationship with Chennai myself. As shared by the author moving from Mumbai to Chennai, it’s totally a different world and experience, which totally resonates my feelings. My father has studied there and has immense love for the city however somehow my experiences have been a mocktail. Whatever I have explored a few temples, Marina Beach and Mahabalipuram especially was great. Nalli’s has been a favourite place for both my parents and irrespective of the time in the city we make it a point to visit this place. On the flip side, dealing with people has got my rage reaching heights sometimes because they know I am a tourist.

After reading the book, the city-in-law of the author surely makes it to my to-visit places. You are transformed to the by lanes filled with the smell of fresh flowers, highly decorated temples, food served on the ‘Elai Sapad’ i.e meal served on a fresh banana leaf and much more. It gives a glance about the city from an outsider’s angle. This book would always be my first reference guide for Chennai.

What I loved –

🌟 The book is like a ready reckoner comprising of must-visit places, to do things and what to gorge on in Chennai.

🌟 It changed my outlook of the city. Post-reading the book I feel I know a little more about the city and culture so whenever I am travelling I have an advantage.


Meet the Book

If you thought Chennai was only about the Heat, Filter Kaapi, Temples and Kanjeevaram Sarees, let me tell you, I had thought so too!
Till I moved here!
Living in Chennai has made me realise that there is much more to this city than what is usually expected. You only have to look, rather know where to look, to find it.
My curiosity leads to some interesting discoveries and I have compiled them all for you. Here you have them, all on a platter…errr…in an Ebook, ‘My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye.’
Enjoy, Macha!


Meet the Author

Mayuri who strongly believes that she left her heart and soul in Bombay, her birth city. calls Chennai her City-in-law, as this is home to her Husband, In-laws, and now her. Mayuri is a Tarot Card Reader, a prolific Blogger at Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine, a Bibliophile, and a reluctant Agony Aunt. This is her 2nd EBook.


Overall, the author has captured the essence of the city through her eyes and words so beautifully that I am sure a lot of Chennaites would wonder too. It has been totally worth a read and would recommend it all my friends visiting this place or even staying there.


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  1. I am intrigued to read this book. A couple of my friends stay in this city and I would love to read more about it. Looks like my weekend read is sorted.

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