Let’s break the Gender Bias -#ShareTheLoad


Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

Stevie Wonder


“Happy Sunday,” he woke up and said. What’s the matter today there seems to be some amount of stress in the house. Sunday is usually the day to chill out at home. Getting up late and lazing around with late chatar pattar nashta. By the time we realise we have finished lunch, Sunday is 70% over and feeling of Monday Blues sinks in.

Yes I said. “Maid Mavshi has not come today. Anaaya is unwell so she has taken up my time. Ma is also not well so I did not wake her up.”

“Hmm.” came the usual expression from him. Sunday breakfast is generally which Ma cooks because that’s the day she has her usual off from work and she likes to whip something special for her kids. So Sunday can be renamed as “Son-days” for her as she has been gifted with two boys.

He went to the kitchen and saw a pile of utensils. With a grin on his face he said, ” Aaj kuch toofani karte hain.” Mr. G is a movie freak and movie dialogues are part of our daily conversations.

He has seen both of us using a small amount of warm water with the dish-washing gel and then cleaning the utensils. By the time I realised he had entered the kitchen he had already heated the water and was ready for action. I was surprised and he said you go out and I shall be back in 15-20 mins. I was on the edge as to what will happen in my kitchen. Ma also woke up as you can force her to sleep only till one point of time beyond which its out of your control.

There was not much of a noise, after good 15 mins with few bubbles on his face walks Mr. G with the same grin.

He said in a very saintly manner, tumhara kitchen surakshit hai balika. Looking at Ma his pravachan started…

“A mother is an epitome of love and care. She means the world to her child and for her child comes first before herself. A multi-tasker in true sense she can give better management lessons. Her precision is what runs a house!

Ma quintessential example of not following gender bias and teaching us the principles of equality. She has been working mother and still continues to manage both the worlds – house and office effectively. Travelling in Mumbai is a headache even with the best of facilities, her workplace is at one end of Mumbai and she stays in another end. Still, never a complaint. I used to always help her when I was small, its the past few years that I have become a bit lazy and occupied in my work that I ignored these small things.”

Then with his small kid looks he said, “I love you Ma.”

With this morning episode Ma was already full with the love she received from her son. I was caught up again with Anaaya and we all together managed to make our Sunday a Fun-day again. The pravachan became the highlight of the house that day like the Pyaar ka Punchama dialogue.

Till next time… Lets break the shackles and #SharetheLoad.


“I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda”


  1. Changes kahin se to shuru hotey hi hain aur aapki mum ne wo kiya, ye bahut accha example hai …sabko hi apne boys ko bhi ghar ka jaam sikhana chaiye
    Mujhe #sharetheload bahut accha laga 👍👍

  2. She is indeed a wonder woman. I was fortunate to meet her as a colleague in 2003, remained an admirer since then. She has a unique way of spreading positive thoughts, even when she is deeply troubled by health and financial issues. A role model of humane behaviour!

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