Yearning to share my story…

As shared at a different point in time throughout my motherhood journey I had the desire to share it and I am glad I could. Like every new phase in life, I went through ups and downs and had my share of learnings from it.

First and foremost is the quality of being Judgemental. We can be judgemental for personal reasons, moral reasons or just anything. It’s our nature to do so, we feel it’s our duty to point fingers at the other person. Does it help? Every person is fighting their own demons at every point in life, their actions are determined by it without giving it a thorough understanding we need to restrict our comments to ourselves. If we don’t like to hear ugly things, we shouldn’t be saying them. If you wish good for others then you can always have a positive way of saying it. If you think by being judgemental you are helping any person then you really need some thinking to do.


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During pregnancy taking care of the mother is important for the future of the baby at the same time for the mother. She is going a heave of emotional and physical changes in her body. She needs a lot of understanding, love and care. Post pregnancy she deserves the same, we can’t be partial to her and give all the attention to the newborn. I understand that your heart falls for the new life which has just come nonetheless a mother post pregnancy is going through a lot she deserves equal love and care. True Love increases multitudinous don’t limit it!

Communication is important at every juncture in life, we have to keep it on both ways. It’s the only medium through which you can understand and share what’s in one’s mind. Don’t ever block this channel it can have a very severe impact.

In today’s time, most of the parents opt for a single child so they have a huge wish-list for their child, let them enjoy their journey of parenthood, give them support in their discoveries and don’t burden them with your expectations. One must share experiences for learning purposes not to take a dig at anyone.

As a new Mom never have too many expectations from yourself, you are a human being with limitations, your feelings matter the most and your love is unconditional you will have to let go a few things.

I was eager to share my story and learnings if this helps anyone in any way. My respect for us as “women” has increased multifariously, all of us are unique and outstanding in our own way.

My journey of motherhood is just started and I have a long way to go – This is JUST THE BEGINNING 😊


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  1. Aapse puri tarah agree hu, mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai ki delivery k baad ma per log kam dety hain jo galat hai…mera hamesha concern rehta hai ki ma ko sabse pehle poocha jaye, kyunki wahi itni taklif sehne k baad ignore hoti hai 🤗🤗

    1. Aap he samaj sakte ho Aunty. Aap bhi ek bahut pyaari Mom ho.. aap hum sabka khayal rakhte ho…lots of love 😘😘😘

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