X-cited to witness her small milestones…

Post the naming ceremony we celebrated her second month birthday. Time doesn’t fly considering the first month was tough on us, nonetheless, it was much better in the 2nd month as we were better prepared, I guess.

With every passing month, we started seeing new developments in her. In the first month, the cycle is the same for every baby eat – cleaning diapers – sleep at smaller intervals. From the second month onwards, she started with small hand moments, on her second month birthday she gave me hi-fi which was so cute and the sounds which she made sounded like “hi”. Now, this should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt because a Mom sees stuff more with her heart. Her left hand would always be in an upward direction so her father calls her ‘Thor.” Her growth was much better than the previous months which was a huge relief to us.


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From the third month onwards, she was awake for longer periods of time, she would make sounds and show some reactions. She started to smile which was so endearing. My favourite past time was just to absorb her developments and click our weird pics as a memory of that period. Every month when my beloved grew the space on my lap felt shorter which felt so sentimental. She would just love to stretch her arms upwards and hate swaddling. Luckily for her, the first winter in her life in Mumbai was really pleasant. At the end of three months, she was going to attend her cousin Mama’s wedding. I was pretty excited that it’s going to be her first family wedding. She was quite cordial with everyone during the wedding, a lot of relatives were seeing her for the first time. On the first day as the marriage functions commenced she slept peacefully throughout as the Punjabi Dhol was playing and everybody was startled, this memory will really stand out for me.

From 4th month onwards we stopped swaddling her as she refused to do it. From 5th month onwards she started rolling slowly on her stomach till she aced it in her 6-month. Her babbling sounds, her hand and leg movements are so fascinating that I don’t know if I will ever be tired looking at them.

She has begun to crawl and stand using whatever object she can use as support and made my life tougher as I have to constantly keep an eye on her now. Our ears want to hear her say those golden words now “Mama” and “Papa.”

As I write she just completed her 7-month journey on this Planet. I am overwhelmed to put everything that’s on my mind through words but I know somewhere that it is understood!


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