Welcome to the Naming Ceremony of “Anaaya – The Light of Our Life”

Two small feet walked in our lives,

Making our journey more beautiful,

Her smile makes our life complete,

Her tears tear us apart,

However, that’s the only way she can communicate with us,

Anaaya you are God’s most precious gift to US… And we Love You!!

Welcoming our Princess – “Anaaya”


Once the festivities ended, we had a major task in hand – Preparations for the Naming Ceremony. Unlike the Baby Shower, Naming Ceremony was the time when most of our relatives and friends get to meet the baby. So, we thought we should have it in a banquet hall.

Hubby and Pratik (nephew) went to check some halls and they shortlisted one. Identifying a venue which meets all requirements is a humongous task in itself. We wanted a place where our elders could easily come and are comfortable for all. By now you are aware that I like my preparations in advance so the invite, hall and catering services were done pretty much in advance. We did everything on our own.

The rituals were done by my father-in-law and he did his arrangements. He joined us little before the function so that if there are any last moment preparations could be managed well. The function was on a Sunday so it was convenient for all our family members.

Since this was the first function for our little baby I wanted our pictures to be perfect as these memories would be cherished throughout our lives. The dress which we purchased for her naming ceremony was her first dress from us! We received a lot of dresses for Anaaya and never felt the need to purchase anything more. We weren’t sure how long she will fit in one dress since she will grow quickly. Naming Ceremony was the first occasion where we brought something for her so it had to be the best.


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We were apprehensive thinking about how we will manage her, hoping she is not uncomfortable at any point in time. The function went off well it comprised of the naming ceremony, small havan, Haldi Kumkum and in the end we put her in the swing. The name is been revealed by the father and his sister to everyone. Although we had finalised her name in the hospital and her birth certificate was in our hands, the official ceremony happened much later. I had to shuttle a lot so I got to spend the least time with everyone.

Our little doll co-operated a lot and became the apple of everyone’s eyes. She didn’t cry – that was the biggest factor for us. She was happy, smiling and enjoying all the attention.

For both of us at the end of the day, the presence of our loved ones mattered so much that we had our hearts filled with gratitude. We could not thank people enough to take out time on a Sunday and be there for the ceremony. It means a lot to us! We felt like we have done a major accomplishment, you always have the support of elders to manage such a function but doing it for our daughter on our own was an experience in itself. The first of many more to come. There are moments when you realize that you have to become what your parents are to you. Maybe this was that moment for us.

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  1. Such moments stay forever and introducing the baby to everyone. The joy and divinity is expressed in the post and you invited us into your home through your amazing writing. I feel was here among your family. I send my blessing to your lil one 🙂

  2. How lovely to find my way here today to your blog and this post. What a beautiful peek into this important occasion, and how wonderful to see photos of your celebration and your beautiful little girl.

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