Victorious in my little efforts…

The first month was defying for me as new Mom nevertheless when you see the little wonder’s smile you have no substitute for it. Ms Anaaya was born in a period where festivals were going to follow one after the other. There was Navratri and Diwali in the first week of November. We also fixed the date for her naming ceremony as 25th November. She would complete 41 days on the Diwali Day.

I wanted to make it really special as it was her first, not that she would remember it – still, you can’t force-fit logic in emotions. I wasn’t supposed to exert myself still you can’t sit with your hands tied during festivities. With some help I got the house cleaned, I decorated it at my best.  Every year we visit our in-laws and my parents during Diwali so this year was no different. We planned to stay for a day at both the houses so that they can celebrate it well.


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I had a lot of things in mind nonetheless you need to keep some for a later date when its times comes. We had a simple Pooja and I made a simple dinner. I love lights so we both ensured that we have a lot of diyas and electric lights on. On a lighter note, my brother thinks that I could light up to 100 diyas and still not be satisfied. If you ever happen to have a top view of any city in India during Diwali you would see a glow as if it’s smiling and shining to best of its glory.

We celebrate our new year on the next day of Diwali, we thought we would leave for our in-law’s place during this time. Sleeping schedules of Anaaya were still not in place. On Diwali day it was past 12 when we starting our packing for the visit. We were travelling for the first time with her so we wanted to be sure we are well prepared. My in-laws and parents stay in the same city however, we were going to be staying there so we needed to pack. Our packing finished at 2.30 am and Anaaya had just slept. Since we both were travelling alone, we wanted to be sure we face no hassles en-route. Although it was not a time when everyone would give us the go-ahead to travel with a small wonder, we decided to take the plunge and travelled with her in wee hours of Thursday. Our decision was worth it because we reached our destination much faster as there was no traffic and it was a pleasant ride. We reached at 4:30am. My in-laws weren’t surprised because by now they are used to of our weird ways and mostly they have worked well for us, touch wood. We had a great stay with them, I had gone there after a year so I had to catch up on a lot of things. The day passed pretty quickly and the next day we left for my parent’s house.

It was the occasion of Bhai Dooj and also my brother’s birthday so two in one celebration at home. Anaaya had never stayed with my parents so it was a well awaited day for them. Both the paternal and maternal grandparents could not have enough of her presence so good-byes have become tougher for them. Grandparents love their grandchildren so no matter how many days we stay, it will always be less for them.


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  1. That must have been a momentous occasion for you- first Diwali and first travel with baby!

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