Uplifting Myself…

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

True Right!

Dealing with change is inevitable and tough at the same time, we do it every day, we fall and then get up again, I am no different. One thing also life has taught me is that everyone is fighting their own battles; life isn’t a bed of roses.

I had to find a solution to what I was going through. I knew I have the support system but I have to take the first step. My better half was that ladder who pulled me out from this, it took some time. Next was my Doctor Mam I had a really nice conversation with her. I am sure if and when she reads, she will feel we just had regular talks but those regular talks with her were very motivating for me. She is a simple person with a lovely heart.


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The first step was acceptance. I accepted the fact that I can’t be an allrounder. I may not be able to do everything but we have solutions in today’s age. Acceptance is something which no one teaches us and speaks to you about, which actually should be done. If you fall short everyone around will first find the shortcomings in you and they will not remember that they would have gone through a similar time. As a matter of fact, everyone will take pride in saying what best methods they adopted to give their child the best and hide the problems they faced.

Cry! Let go! It’s good to cry sometimes, it empties your heart out for a fresh stock in future.

This experience made me want to share my journey more because I wanted to share this learning. Every parenthood experience is unique and close to heart. As a new mother we may face so many obstacles and that time you may not always find that one person to say “Hey Girl, it’s ok. If you can’t breastfeed there is top feed, if you want some extra sleep at odd hours forget about the clock, don’t look at those dark circles they will fade away soon, you will find the right way for your baby.” We may not have the experience, therefore, God gifted us motherly instincts which will come to our rescue at the right time, just give time some time.

I wanted to take pride in sharing my flaws because there will be 100 people sharing their strengths but when you need comfort you look for that one person who had a similar circumstance like you. I supplemented my baby and tried to work on my stress levels because that’s what was going to be in the best for both our health’s.


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  1. Their is no shame in sharing our flaws. There is nothing called perfect. none of the God’s creations are perfect so why to overexpect from ourselves.

  2. Yes all of us have faced judgment for our decisions as mothers, but really every action we take is for the best interests of our children. Well-written.

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