Sustaining it well…

Post coming home, getting adjusted to the environment was much quicker. Although her jaundice continued and we were still having breastfeeding problems we got much more time to bond with each other. I was more confident in handling her. My husband took his paternity leave for 5 days to be with me. He was a huge support to both of us both physically and mentally. He along with Masi (mother-in-law’s sister) was there to help me out.

My husband and mother-in-law were both there with me. Both are working in their respective jobs. In the near future, I was going to be alone – handling her all by myself. So, I needed to be quick in my learning process. The time we bonded after coming back home our problems of breastfeeding was resolved on its own. Maybe Anaaya recognized the home environment and became more relaxed.


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In the hospital, there were 10 viewpoints and each was creating a huge confusion about the technique of breastfeeding. In fact, my family members also got confused and every now and then their suggestions too were changing. On the second last day in the hospital, I was wailing in pain and mentally irritated with the fact that ‘hey folks I am in pain too.’ I need love and care to; the baby is my concern but in taking care of the newborn somewhere what I am going through is not getting realised.

At home, I, my husband and Anaaya felt like a complete family when things start working symbiotically then everything started to fall in place.

While going through all these emotions somewhere I also felt the need to voice out these emotions. I did to my husband but I felt that every new Mom would be going through so much and we all just need an ear to listen to all this. A seed to share my journey had taken place during this time. I felt the need to also share that family members are a huge support system but we have designated roles and responsibilities one must not step over them.

To focus on the baby becomes primary at the same time one must not forget that the mother is as important. You need to understand her exact needs too. Nutrition is pivotal however, a new mom is going through tremendous emotions there is a surge in her emotional quotient, she is overwhelmed with happiness holding her bundle of joy at the same time struggling to cope up with her newfound duties and body changes. As a person, she has gone into hiding and everything else is revolving around the new member. This is a very crucial phase because somewhere she is suppressing her needs and the new member is taking away all the attention.


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  1. Breastfeeding, emotional problems, sleeplessness- all this takes such a big toll on new mothers.

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