Raring to Go…

The day continued. Considering it was a Sunday we had few more relatives coming down to visit and my father-in-law also visited us.

The atmosphere of the hospital was getting onto me because of the constant commotion. We want the best of facilities but the problem was that there was a lack of coordination. I was having a tough time with breastfeeding so every person who walked in had their way to show how to do the needful. I was in pain and was totally confused with so many methods.

The next day I was hoping to get a discharge so at the back of my mind there were thoughts like will I be able to move on the bed in the house. In the hospital, the bed can be moved with the help of a lever but at home, you won’t have all those facilities. So, to add to this chaos there was a dietician who came to give a diet plan, a physiotherapist to help me get back to my feet quickly and a lactation consultant for helping me breastfeed. Everybody was concerned with their respective jobs and there was a total lack of synchronisation.

You can get support but the issues were supposed to be handled by me, no one could do anything. Each stage of this journey of motherhood is a learning process, you face constant challenges and overcoming them is what helps you evolve.


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By evening I was given treatment for Breast engorgement as improper breastfeeding really took a toll on me. I was then pumping milk to give feed to the baby as that was the best way out. There were some tests which needed to be done for Anaaya. Everything was ok except there were signs of jaundice which had started to prop up.

The next day was really hard as her jaundice increased. We had to postpone the discharge by a day. Anaaya had to be kept under Ultraviolet Light as a treatment for Jaundice. This treatment was very difficult for her she was so uncomfortable and it was painful to see her in this condition. My heart cried looking at her and she was unable to sleep properly. 90% of Indian kids suffer from this so on the top side its easier to say that nothing is complicated and it will be fine, however, as a new Mom seeing your baby go through all this is not easy at all.

My thoughts were that once we are home things would be much better and will turn fine. Big or small nothing can be as comfortable as your own home; you may not have every luxury which exists but you are still at peace. I just wanted to take her home.

Finally, on 2nd October I took her home. Tests revealed that jaundice was in enough control to take discharge from the hospital. We had to get her back after for a check-up on the coming Saturday.


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  1. Those first few days are the most chaotic and the most difficult. So glad she improved soon.

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