Quickly getting into New Mamma’s Shoes…

I remember having a conversation with Bhawna once that Viha their daughter is blessed to have such parents. I told her there are very few parents who are blessed with a girl child. I never thought God would feel the same for me and Bless me with one. A beautiful princess in my arms.

As soon as we entered the room – ‘Anaaya’ as we named her  – became the centre of attraction and everyone else took a backseat. I was resting. There was a constant flurry in the room with family members eager to see the girl and doctors/attendants attending to both of us. I was not getting adequate rest because of this reason. Also, the effects of the anaesthesia were wearing off and I had started to feel the pain.

I had to be on a liquid diet as solid food could not be given. Liquids were started by late evening. Mom left for home and Dad came to visit us in the evening. We had more relatives dropping by. I finally got my moment – to hold my girl in my arms. She was beautiful. I kept wondering – She was inside me for 9 months!!!!! I held her for feeds. and we both were learning in this process.


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The next day I got to spend more time. I had a long look at her. The first question when you see a baby is who does she resemble but our thought was just to marvel at this little angel in hands. I was Thanking God for everything mentally and in the excitement of the first day, it was the second day where we started developing a mother and child bond in true sense. That day my mother-in-law kept her next to me on the same bed and it felt so special sleeping and admiring this bundle of joy.

I was getting to understand the nuances of how to manage a small child, getting her to feed and burp and waking up every few hours. On the second day, my Mom stayed with me in the hospital room and we both had a tough time managing her as she was cranky throughout the night. It was the first time for me so I also panicked a bit and was struggling because I was in pain too.

Next morning my Mom and mother-in-law had a conversation and they shared rituals which are been followed after the birth of a baby. India and its traditions are really enthralling we have rituals for every moment considering each aspect and development of the baby.


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  1. My mother stayed the first night with me in the hospital and I remember how difficult that night was. Strange how these memories just stick.

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