Pregnancy ends – a new life begins…

The next morning some more tests were been done. NST was repeated. My husband and Mom arrived. There was a motivating smile for me on everyone’s face and prayers in mind.
My Gynaecologist arrived. Somehow speaking to Mam puts me to ease. She explained everything to me and had her usual smile. Around 11 am I was been taken on a wheelchair into the ICU room. Again, some tests were done and some wires attached here and there. Raju Chachi my Aunt also had come down, she was good moral support for my mother.
I was been taken in the Operation Theatre. So many thoughts ran my mind, first about the baby and hoping all goes well and second about the laminar airflow and types of equipment in the ICU and Operation theatre. I am a Microbiologist so suddenly the student in me also awoke to see how the real-world functions. It may sound funny, but that’s how the situation unfolded.

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Doctor Mam explained to the Anaesthetist about my fear of injections. Both of them were so caring. My Gynaecologist held me while the anaesthesia was been administered. There was an option of my husband being with me to see the procedure. However, we weren’t aware of it. Once, I was been given the anaesthesia I was been asked if I felt something, I said yes, some tingling. I kept on thinking and after 5-7 mins I felt like something was crawling and I told the doctors present I still feel the sensation. They said the baby is almost out don’t worry. My wait was going to get over, yay!
It’s a Girl! said Doctor Mam. There were two loops of the cord around the baby’s neck, we took the decision at the right time.
My happiness under the influence of anaesthesia was not visible. I wanted to dance in joy but I guess that had to wait. I so wished my husband to be with me at that moment and just tell me how is she and how does this miracle look like in reality. I had tears of contentment that finally our dream has come alive.
The baby was been shown to me but my eyes were burdened with the impact of the drugs and I felt I was going to doze off and I could hardly see her. She was then taken out to my family. Imaging that scene in my mind I closed my eyes till the stitches were been done. I was then taken to the ICU for recuperation. My baby was brought inside and the assistant doctor tried to feed breastfeed her. The baby was not having the milk properly as we were unable to latch effectively on one side.
My husband came to talk to me, I wasn’t able to speak properly I was stammering and feeling very cold. They took care of me and hot air was been given to me through a pipe to give the necessary warmth. Although, we wanted to say so much we couldn’t converse much. Thinking of it I realised our body works in an amazing way and we must not play with it. My husband left and I tried to get some sleep then I was been taken to my room after some time.
Everyone was waiting for us in the room. There was not much of verbal communication happening in that room just visible happiness. I wanted to see my baby properly, I guess there was still some time to our one on one talk. It takes time for the feeling to sink in. All I wanted to do at that time was to just get up from the bed and old my baby in my arms.

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  1. Awww, kitni cute pari hai ❤️❤️ bahut bahut badhai 💐💐
    Humare jitne bhi thoughts hotey hain wo ek pal me chu mantar ho jaatey hai jab hum pehli baar baby ko apne hath me lety hain, wo sukh k liye shyad koi word bana hi nahi hai 😍😍

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