On the D-Day…

The decision was made and the date was finalised considering the availability of the doctors. We were been asked in case we wanted some specific day or time, Pitru Paksha had also just started. Honestly, such a thought never ever crossed our mind. We just said we want a healthy baby.

We had already booked a room for us in one of the leading maternity hospitals considering they have all the facilities and in case of an emergency, it would easier for our Gynaecologist. It was been suggested by Doctor Mam considering my case history.

So, the next two days passed reading about the procedure. I spoke to my father just the day before I was going to get operated and cried like a small baby.

I said, “Dad, I am scared. I have never got operated will I be able to manage?”

He said, “We don’t have an option that’s why we are doing this right.”

“But Dad I am too scared. Will, it hurt me a lot?” I asked

That time I was a child for my father and would-be-mother to my baby.

“You will get the best sleep, they will give you spinal anaesthesia, I also got that when I underwent my hernia operation and I slept peacefully, did not realise also when the procedure got over. It won’t hurt and I will be coming to see you right, why are you scared. You have everyone around you, Mom will come in the morning itself. Just eat well and rest tonight you have a big day tomorrow.”

Those comforting words calmed me down.

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I could hardly eat that day. My husband and Ma (mother-in-law) reached home, some light food was made. I wasn’t able to eat. We packed some food and left for the hospital. I was getting admitted in the night so we could finish the paperwork in advance. The next morning we kept only for the C-Section. Nothing else to be done. No paperwork. My mother-in-law decided to stay overnight with me. I had hardly eaten anything. Everyone else was anxious too. We took some pastries on the way to add some cheer on our tensed faces.

On reaching the hospital the initial formalities took some time. Some tests had to be done and I was been given a deadline that I can have food till another 30 mins and water till 12 am and then nothing. When everything got completed my husband left for home. The night was long enough, I could not sleep well. I just kept talking to my baby and imaging how will the baby look like. Of all the days and nights in my pregnancy, this was arguably the toughest.


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  1. This sounds like a really tough time. Just the thought of surgery is scary, so I can imagine what you must have gone through. You write so well, Manisha. You take us through it all with your words.

  2. Oh! Manisha I am reliving the night before delivery via this post. Though mine was not a surgery but I had complications of high BP and higher pulse rate.
    Waiting for next post to read.

  3. Ghabrahat to hoti hi hai, fir papa k paas rona to aa hi gaya hoga, aapki feelings samajh sakti hu
    Chaliye, abhi tak to sab accha raha, aap raat bhar nahi soye to aapke husband aur bhi jyada pareshan rahy hongey, kyunki wo ghar per akele jo thy na

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