Now, the time has come…

Considering an early arrival, the necessary precautions and drugs were given to me by my doctor so that there is no problem with the baby. Everyone in the family was on the edge, enthusiastically awaiting the arrival with a tinge of worry that everything goes in the right direction.

I too was counting days and mentally preparing that I have to be careful about minutest of change. I would be alone throughout the day so my folks took a bit of more precaution. Later on, in the last 2 weeks, I was joined by my Masi (Mother-in law’s sister) in case I need some help because I stay on the top floor and there is no lift. Yo 😊.

Ganpati festival went by, I was a bit low because I did not get a chance to participate in the celebrations. But I knew the result of this patience would be much sweeter. My mood swings and irritations were well tolerated by my husband who was the first and last victim to bear it all.

On the other hand, my Doctor Mam advised us to take a scan to check the status of the foetus if all is well inside. On doing the scan we realised that there is a loop of placental cord around the neck of the baby, everything else was fine. This got us a bit worried. There was a discussion about whether we need to undergo a C-section or wait for a natural delivery. Everyone was in favour of natural delivery including me. The doctor shared both the perspectives and left the final decision to us.


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We were deliberating the way ahead considering all the pros and cons. It’s not that normal delivery can’t happen in such a situation though the delivery might get delayed. However, in the last days, we also need to consider the condition of the mother, the levels of amniotic fluid for the baby to survive and till how long we would like to wait. There are so many ‘what ifs’ and no one wants to take a chance.  We decided to wait for a few days considering the due date was the 1st week of October. We never anticipated such a U-turn in the last moment.

My check-ups increased, I was visiting the doctor or undergoing tests every 2-3 days. I was been advised to do an NST of the child. NST is a simple and painless procedure which monitors your baby’s heartbeat. Whenever some off routine procedures are discussed, your mind automatically starts thinking of all the possibilities and I was no different. We went on the 24th of September to undergo this procedure. Things turned out to be fine. We met our doctor in the evening, she discussed the situation again but this time I could sense the time to finally see the end result of the last months is somewhere near. There was a wave of stress in the air.

I knew in my heart that it would have to be a C-section by now but somehow, I hoped that I wished natural delivery happened just that day. The next day we went to meet my Uncle. Having a word with him and family members – Now, was the time! The days, the weeks, the months – all the changes that my body has gone through – it comes down to this moment.


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  1. Ek ek karke pal paas aata hai, tabhi kuch decide kar saktey hain na, aapne apni ye journey itne acche se narrate ki hai,lag raha hai hum usi pal me hain )
    C section ya normal kuch bhi ho bas baby n ma safe hony chaiye bas

  2. As if everything was not enough, one more tough call at the end. Wow!
    It must have been difficult. Have next one to know what happens next.

  3. I know how tense that moment can be. I had an 18 hour labor in attempting to give birth naturally but when the complications began I had to decide in a split second whether to continue or have a C-Section. It’s a hard decision!

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