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Today, when I write this, I feel like time passed so quickly. That was not the case when I was going through those moments. As you come to the finish line, the sense of anxiety, happiness is high. But it’s important to stay in the present and work towards the final milestone- one step at a time. It was time to keep my hospital bag ready. Sapna had shared with me important stuff to be kept in the hospital bag so it was a huge help to me when I was packing. Considering the complications and case history which was by-heart to me by now – we exercised caution all the time.

When packing my bag, I felt like – how about buying some new clothes for my little one as well. However, as per traditions, new clothes are not to be used for the initial days when the child is born. For the first few days, old clothes are to be used for the child. I wasn’t so happy about this fact because I wanted to keep things ready for my child. I visualised what kind of stuff I wanted to buy. Plus, once in the hospital, I wasn’t sure I would get that time to buy the things immediately. So, this friction between me the traditional outlook continued and I did stop myself to buy anything else for the child except the diapers and some wet wipes. My father had arranged for some old clothes from our relatives.


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The festival time was also pretty much on with back to back Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganpati, Navratri lined up in order. Celebrations were pretty much low on agenda although I love celebrating them, the excitement had to be curbed.

There was a long office trip due again for hubby for a week. With mother-in-law at home, there was company however, I went to my parent’s house for a few days considering Raksha Bandhan and I will not be able to come and stay with them till some time post the baby.

Routine tests and doctor visits continued. The check-up frequency increased to every week to 10 days. Just before my husband left for his tour, we visited the doctor. Our next scan was due by the end of the month so things were pretty much in control.

I reached my parent’s place and it was good to be with them for a while. It was beautiful weather with the rains. We could not go out but we enjoyed catching up with lots of gupshup and movies. An occasional dose of what needs to be done post baby used to obviously flow in the conversations. Raksha Bandhan was simple. Sometimes I and my brother’s conversations are senseless but an entertainment package for the spectators. We often end up fighting or arguing, now we can’t play WWF like we did when we were kids so it has to be some other form. Time well spent 😊


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  1. I went for both my deliveries at my parents’ place and I know how easy things seem with their presence. My brother and his friend spent a lot of time with me after my son was born and joked a lot to make me forget my pain. Simple little joys of siblings, really.

  2. The last trimester seems a little comfortable dear. I am glad you packed and I felt just like you in taking old clothes for the kids

  3. I am sure this visit to your parents place did you a world of good, Manisha. The anticipation of a child changes all dynamics in relationships, doesn’t it.

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