Join me for the Celebrations…

On the day of the function, there was a lot of hustle bustle in the house. Obviously right!

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I was getting ready in one place, food was getting prepared, arrangements and decorations were done by my husband. Since things were last moment the ordered decorations just came before the start of the function but still in time. We have a small place so all this adds to the chaos but that’s fun too.

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My Mehendi…

With respect to decorations, we went in for balloons like the moon, stars and normal ones. Flowers were kept to a minimum as we did not want too much of wastage. We brought some placard for Would be Mom, Dad, Nana, Dadi for the pictures.

Guests started coming in, they were all family member Uncles and Aunts of both the sides, parents, our siblings and cousins. Considering a small place, we did not invite many friends. Sadly, due to heavy rains, there were a lot of dropouts.

We both donned would be Mom and dad tags. I was bejewelled with flowers just before the beginning of the ceremony. When this was happening there was some background khichdi happening, to my amazement my “J” as I call her – Vandana had come down, she wasn’t sure of coming but the fact that she made it gave me intense happiness which reflected on my face. All this was done by hubby dearest.

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With my Bhabhi…

The rituals began with “Haldi Kumkum” and “Oti Bharan” wherein all the married females of the family come, they apply vermillion and turmeric on your forehead followed by giving some gifts, fruits and end with blessing the Mom-to-be. My mother and Aunts performed the ‘Pitrs” puja.

Then comes clicking pictures which have become customary as well. These come handy to rewind and replay your memories.

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Lunch followed. As per Marathi traditions, each food item represents a gender so, on the basis of the cravings of the mother, the guests present decide the possible gender of the child, it’s a game which was been played while eating. So, the eating and teasing game continued followed by another game where 2 sweets are hidden in a bowl one with ladoo representing a male baby and second one with barfi representing a female baby so the Mom-to-be has to close her eyes and pick one of the bowls. All this adds to the entertainment factor nothing to be taken on a serious note.

Slowly, everyone started leaving. I had a long due chat with Vandana. She sat through the entire function despite the chaos. Love her for that.

All in all, I felt I was totally blessed because everyone came down to wish me. It’s not the lavish extravaganza that adds to your happiness but small moments and gestures which make a mark.

I was very tired and so was everybody else, we were waiting to crash down.

Also, I did not leave as per the customs for my mother’s place because my husband wanted to be with me and the child throughout. He feels this helped him build a connection with the child. Rationally, staying at my place made more sense since doctor visits are easier. I did not want to risk travelling on these horrible Mumbai roads.

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We both were tired and excited 🙂


  1. Sadly in my sasural there is no god-bharai ritual and I sorely missed the pampering. What can one do?
    Such lovely pictures, Manisha. You’re glowing and looking so happy! 🙂

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