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Once I got back from my parent’s house things got back to routine. It was time to visit our doctor for the 3D/ 4D Scan. This scan is recommended between 26 – 30th weeks of your pregnancy, I did it in my 30th week. This is an optional scan.

This is kind of check for the gynaecologist to see how things are shaping up within the mother womb as she needs to decide her way forward. The amniotic fluid, placenta and baby development parameters are checked by the doctor.


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From a parent’s perspective, it’s the first glimpse of your baby. The baby is almost getting ready to face the world, space inside is decreasing day by day as the baby keeps growing. The movements, the heartbeats, body parts everything is seen through the scan. We saw the baby yawn, it was such an Aww moment we still have the video recording of that one-second shot. We both were so mesmerized by the movements that the doctor had to tell us – why aren’t you’ll taking a video?.  We recorded a small 15/20 sec video clip on our cell phone. The eyes were closed, sitting in a Bahubali pose the baby was enjoying her home inside the womb and we were just laughing at the marvel of God.

The doctor has to struggle a bit to show us the face but it was worth it. If I look back today the baby resembles exactly what we say in the scan, only a mother can see it from that perspective, I guess. I don’t have my visual imprints of what I saw, the reports received don’t do justice to it. We saw a coloured depiction of the blood flow as well. For 20 mins we got transformed to a different world filled with total bliss.

In the next 1.5 month, the baby grows almost double the size and is prepared to come in our world.

That day we all went back and must have seen the clip for at least a 1000 times. Like a small girl, I sang a lullaby to the baby in the video and felt much closer and my family members were smiling at my Childishness. I remember a moment when I saw the clip on my cellphone and kept patting the video as if I am putting my baby to sleep. My doctor always treated me like a doll and always took extra care of me wondering what I am going to do when I become a Mom finally. I can never thank her enough for her love and care. She kept saying – You are going to be a mom. Stop behaving like a kid now.

There are few things which you start knowing about your baby unconsciously, your baby loves when people are around, the movements increase. My baby loved hot water baths because I always had so many movements when I was taking a bath. I am 100% sure my baby loved chocolates and cake; you know when you get the extra kicks in your stomach. Scientifically when there is high glucose levels or sugar content baby becomes active but there are small instances which made me feel that way. Till now this holds true –  she loves her hot water bath, cakes and loves when she is surrounded by people to give her extra love especially her father.


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  1. What a unique topic for the challenge! I wasn’t able to have a 3d scan of my son, but the ultrasound was certainly a memorable moment.

  2. Aww, those hot water baths and chocolates:) I couldn’t guess out much as he planned not to show his face, even after my family doc tried a lot, so looking at him for the first time in my hands was a sheer pleasure.

  3. This is such a heart warming post, Manisha. Your excitement shared through your words could be felt. Really enjoyed reading this one.

  4. That must’ve been such a precious and special moment, Manisha! I remember getting my eyes moist every time I went for a scan. The baby does understand and reacts to movements and voices too.

  5. This is a good post for the 1st time, pregnant woman. Now you can see your baby after a certain week at pregnancy time through ultrasound baby scan. It is very effective for new upcoming mothers.

  6. Good post for 1time upcoming mother. Now you can see your baby through ultrasound. Ultrasound transformed into a picture on a screen, so your sonographer can see your infant’s position and developments. It is very effective for upcoming parents and family members.

  7. I’ll feel the same in some months. Omg imI so excited to see all this. Thank u for the helpful and happy article. I feel so good now.

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