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Isn’t that true? I am sure we all have those special moments which we want to encapsulate in our brains forever or frame it for ourselves so it remains as fresh as today.

Almost 4 years back I had my special moment which is as lively as that day and I wanted to capture it in a special way. I tried many options but nothing fulfilled my visualisation until I came across the Jab We Met Frame from Insta Mosaic Studio as filmy as it sounds it was perfect for me. 🙂


The order process was pretty simple –




I received a WhatsApp with the picture for approval within a day –


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Once you receive the sample, you need to check – 

⇒ If you want to keep the same image or change.

⇒ Location is as per your choice.

⇒ The date is correct or not.


Once you have checked this then you can confirm to them on the same number and the product would reach your home. They share the tracking details and within 2-3 days you have your product depending on your location isn’t that great?

So I received my parcel within 2 days and it came in a cardboard box nicely bubble wrapped inside.

Blog - Jab We Met - 3

I choose this to gift it to my hubby for the New Year. This year is special in many ways one that we would complete #10yearsofknowingeachother and our daughter will turn “1.”  So, I want to keep on planning small surprises throughout the year to make it more memorable.

Blog - Jab We Met - 4

When he opened the gift the expression said it all and I had a happy smile.

The product quality is good and splash proof so no tension of getting spoilt. It can be kept as it is or you can hang it on your wall.

Perfect for anniversaries or gifting as it’s personalised and looks unique – special memories preserved forever. Check out their page – here

Till next time, take care and stay blessed!


  1. Beautiful pic and also beautiful memory 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 god bless you 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. The concept and the idea is definitely very beautiful. This is truly a unique and artistic way to frame images and moments are near and dear to us.

  3. The frame looks lovely..framing up the special moments adds to the beauty of those moments and make them extraordinary ..

  4. The Frame is beautiful it is the perfect gift for anniversaries and for all the other the other occasions too

  5. I am quite a romantic soul and always in search for such special things which symbolizes my bond with him. this frame is really beautiful and a nice piece to own. Checking it out right away.

  6. I have heard about this website that provides unique photo frames. Indeed it is lovely to store special memories like yours in such beautiful frames.

  7. That is a really very beautiful present to gift your partner or anyone special in our life. This is really unique, customised and attractive.

  8. I have recently ordered one for myself. Love it to the core. I was super impressed with the quick response time. The brand has a great future for sure. Loved the beautiful write up.

  9. I am a huge fan of frames too, as an amazing moment that we can literally capture in a small beautiful space which can be seen and enjoyed always, I so loved the blog, Will surely try out their services once because I have a lot of images that can be converted into frames, thank you for sharing this beautiful blog!

  10. Indeed we need ways to keep our memories close to our heart and eyes forever .these frames are a great way to ensure that all the special moment gets a permanent place on our walls and tables.

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