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Did you know there are 2.01 million people still in India who live with HIV, or that there are about 80,000 people who get infected every year? HIV/AIDS as soon as we hear these words there are a lot of questions which come to our mind.ย Not to mention the overall stigma & prejudice associated with the condition which marginalizes the infected and the lack of information that perpetuates all of these.ย So how do we how to filter the correct information?

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the immune cells of our body in simple terms. So if our immune system is on target it means that we have opened the gate for external infections to harm our body. So you can imagine a scenario where all the gatekeepers in your house are been attacked by thieves. So what next?

Good news, however, is that HIV is preventable, manageable and a lot of it is just to do with providing people with the right information with sensitivity and tact at the right time!

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) on the other hand is the advanced stage of HIV infection which makes you more susceptible to infections and cancer. So is it the end of the road?

Considering the social stigma associated with this disease we often don’t talk about it openly and are left with incomplete answers. To help you with the correct information a platform called “IRA” has been launched.

Introducing IRA

IRA is a conversational platform where people can seek answers to their pressing HIV/AIDS queries. She was created to help people gain information about HIV and motivate people to manage HIV responsibly. She is friendly and chatty and wants the world to be free of HIV.

IRA will be available on the yes4me website. Anyone with an internet connection can access IRA which makes her a powerful ally in the fight against HIV. Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, people can visit IRA from the security of their own home and seek answers to urgent questions without facing any of the discrimination that they would face anywhere else.

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With IRA by their side, millions of Indians will be able to find the right information at the right time and thus solve the root cause that perpetuates HIV.

Letโ€™s join hands to make India HIV/AIDS-free. You can reach IRA for all your questions from the link below.

We would love to hear back from you as your feedback makes IRA better!


  1. This was a much needed campaign in India. Though I am surprised it did not start earlier than this, I am glad now we have this platform.

  2. With so many HIV+ people in India, a platform like this was needed to raise awareness for AIDS. IRA is a great initiative and I hope most people make use of it.

  3. I’m glad that an initiative like IRA has now been introduced, it will help so many people clear their doubts, become more aware, and take timely action. Thanks for sharing

  4. This is such a brilliant initiative, love the innovate application, have tried IRA and it is very responsive chat bot. Our country needs it the most where people dont discuss freely about sexual well being and health

  5. In India there is a lot of taboo of talking about HIV and AIDS openly. Thankfully this initiative is going to help many people across India for getting right information.

  6. Great blog and great information.Chatbot like IRA is really solving a big problem a d most interestingly providing humans emotional support

  7. I am so glad to know so many are spreading hiv awareness, This chatbot is very helpful, I’ll recommend it to friends and family!

  8. I feel this was very much needed in our country as lots of myths are circulating surrounding AIDS. People need to know the real facts. Thanks for the details on the platform.

  9. IRA sounds like a great initiative by help people. Sometimes people have a lot of questions but not sure what to say and whom to contact.

  10. Thank you for this. I am also an advocate for HIV awareness in my country Philippines. Meanwhile, I wrote my experience on joining the fundraiser for PLHIV: I hope you also read this and discuss things to me so we can help each other be educated about this illness. More powers!

    1. Glad to know its your first comment and look forward for more interaction. Please share your interests so would recommend accordingly ๐Ÿ™‚

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