Top 5 Sensitive Baby Wipes in India

Once you are Mom you are extra careful about every product which touches the skin of your baby and one such product is your baby wet wipes which come handy throughout the day in multiple ways. Being a First Time Mommy I read a lot before selecting products for my girl.


The points you need to consider before selecting any wipe is –

  • The wipe should be skin friendly for the sensitive baby skin.
  • The ingredients should not harm the baby in any way. Prefer wipes with natural ingredients.
  • Use wipes which have the highest water content.
  • Should be Alcohol-free.
  • Should be preservative free as unknown chemicals could be harmful.
  • Easy Availability. I prefer online since I don’t get much time to go out, so all the wipes mentioned below are easily available on First Cry, Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Packaging should be friendly and easy to carry around.



My choice of Top 5 sensitive wipes which are perfect and gently on your little’s one skin are as follows:


Mother Sparsh Wipes

mother sparsh

This was my first choice of wipes which I carried in my hospital bag too. They are 99% water based which if you keep outside will lose its moisture quickly. The wipe is 3 times thicker than other wipes, made with Medical-Grade Cloth, its safe for babies and is biodegradable. The sheet gives you a feel of a cotton towel which makes it easy to use for cleaning purposes including hand and mouth cleaning. One pack of 72 wipes would last you long depending on your usage considering they are thicker. This has no Parabens, Alcohol, Phthalates, Sulfates, Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Chlorine, Dyes, and Triclosan. The price for 72 wipes is Rs 299.

Website – here



Mamaearth – Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes


These are organic bamboo-based wipes certified by Made Safe Organisation. All the ingredients are natural. The fragrance can be attributed to the usage of these products only. Comes with a protective plastic lid container which locks the fragrance and moisture for longer usage. No petrochemicals, polyester, bleach, chlorine, dyes, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc makes it a good choice. The price is Rs 249 for 72 wipes.

Website – here



Huggies Nourishing Clean Baby Wipes With Cucumber & Aloe Vera


These wipes contain natural fibres, 68% of these wipes is pulp which helps in easy absorption. These wipes are enriched with the goodness of cucumber, aloe vera and Vitamin E and are soap free, Paraben & MIT free, Alcohol-free (means ethanol & isopropanol). These are priced at Rs 40 for 10 wipes.



Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes


A multipurpose wipe which has a moisturising effect. Its dermatologically and paediatrically tested, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free formula and has no parabens, no dyes and no phthalates. Its priced at Rs 135 for 50 wipes.



Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes


These are hypoallergic wipes with refreshing scent and lotion with pure water perfect for the delicate skin of babies. It’s soft and strong and dermatologically tested. The packaging is cute with the brand name on the protective lid which looks attractive. Rs 185 for 64 pieces.


Please share your experience if you have used any one of these 🙂



  1. I didnt like mama’s earth brand product. I tried the argan oil hair mask. It’s totally waste of money.

      1. Skin of children is very sensitive, one needs to take care while choosing the wipes. And you have shared some important points and brands of wipes. Every parent should consider this post.

  2. Mother sparsh and mama earth brands have gained popularity in no time and for good reasons. Thañks for sharing this post.

  3. These are some great options , I have used Dove, mama earth and mothersparsh baby wipes and have loved that they are sensitive wipes perfect for baby’s skin.

  4. Hypoallergenic and alcohol free ate two criteria to choose wipes. My fav one is mother sparsh followed by Huggies

  5. I love these options. Mothersparsh is my favourite, it’s the best wipe out there! So good for the baby!

  6. It’s mother sparsh for my kid any day. I rely upon this baby wipe since I discovered it. It’s the purest wipe brand I have come across.

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