Some Web Series/Shows to Watch

Its been almost a year since I shared about a few of my favorite Web series and Shows, if you missed reading it then check it –ย ย here

So, its time to update and share with all of you what I have been watching.


๐Ÿค Blindspot:


The third season got over last year and towards the end of the year began the new one.ย  The third season ended on such a twist that the wait for the next becomes like a ticking clock in your head.

๐Ÿค“What to watch for:ย  Season 4 is on and which probably looks like a closure. ๐Ÿ™„



Blog 237 - WebSeries-Shows - 1

Cameron Black a super magician, lands himself in trouble due to a scandal. His secret for years is been revealed in this bargain and he has only one place where he can look for help – the FBI. Honestly, I loved it so much that I completed the series in 2 days. I am really disappointed that Season 2 has been canceled, I hope things change this year and we can continue watching it.

There are similar shows like Mentalist where Golden Globe nominee Simon Baker stars as an independent consultant helps to solve crimes with his stark observation skills. Other being Psych where James Roday plays Shawn Spencer and helps to solve crime cases with his sharp observational skills. However, Deception is my choice.

๐Ÿค“What to watch for:ย The charm of Jack Cutmore-Scott is to die for.ย  He looks like the Videshi Hrithik Roshan ๐Ÿ˜‰. Cameron’s act of deception along with his intelligence will keep you hooked along with the support of his team and Kay ( FBI agent) they make things look pretty simple.



Blog 237 - WebSeries-Shows - 2

This is a sci-fi, with 5 seasons you won’t regret a minute watching it. I must warn you this series is interesting, will keep you wanting for more, however, science and its wonders can sometimes look horrifying too. The emotional bonds, differentiation between science and reality, parallel universe these are some things which will keep you glued.

๐Ÿค“What to watch for: The emotional bond of the team – Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, and Astrid. The imagination of the writer and if you are a sci-fi lover then this has to be on your watchlist.


๐Ÿ˜‡God Friended Me:


The life of an atheist goes upside down when he gets a friend request from God. No, this is not a spiritual show but a journey of Miles, Cara, and Rakesh on discovering whats the mystery behind this friend request and in the way helping a lot of people.

๐Ÿค“What to watch for: Its a light-hearted show and gives a very positive vibe. The first season is not over yet.



Blog 237 - WebSeries-Shows - 4

A simple air journey changes the lives of 190 passengers aboard, as when they land they have not only travelled the distance but also 5 1/2 years of their lives. So whats happened to the families of these passengers and how it all happened is what this series is all about. Once they land a few people start getting what they call the “calling.” Grab your seat because you won’t stop once you start watching this one. Guess what the Season 1 is still not over and I am anxiously waiting for my next episode.

๐Ÿค“What to watch for: What is the mystery behind the time travel.

Pics Credit: Pixabay & Google


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  1. Thanx for the suggestions of these must watch web series…now that final exams would be over me and my son would love to watch these..

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I would love to watch Manifest and Blindfold web series. Fringe also sounds really good.

  3. I am currently watching silicon valley and flash and with last season of GOT coming up, it will be difficult to start any of these but in the second half of the year, I will definitely watch these.

  4. Mentalist fan currently watching Blind list. Need to catch Deception. Great list for bringing fun to Webseries.

  5. Oh wow I have not heard of or seen any of these TV shows. They all seem interesting so I will check them out.

  6. This list is so new to me! and I read it just in time when I am looking for some good web series to watch. Will check out because look quite interesting.

  7. I have watched Blindspot and every series has always intrigued me. Fringe is one I’m looking forward to watch for the way it moulds in sci-emotions .

  8. I loved and enjoyed Fringe, it is my all time favorite. I was searching for some awesome web series , thanks for sharing this wonderful list.

  9. I’ve been looking for recommendations to watch some great series. Thanks for sharing them . It’s time to binge-watch these epic series. Can’t wait to start.

  10. I have not heard of these TV shows before but they all seem interesting. I will check them out very soon.

  11. Deception was something that even I loved the most, and I can so relate to the disappointment that you felt when you came to know season 2 wonโ€™t be coming out, the overall storytelling and the direction was so damn good!

  12. Deception is something that i too loved the most, and I can so relate to your disappointment when you came to know there is no season 2 coming out, the overall storytelling & direction was so damn good!

  13. I try not to engage myself in these web series because I get addicted. But after reading your post I cannot wait to catch some tonight.

  14. ohhโ€ฆthese all sound so interesting! And i am always always on the lookout for some interesting series to watchโ€ฆ i really dont like the typical drama stuff that television serves these days!
    Which service are these series on?

  15. I have watched blind spot and deception and I really like these show. I havenโ€™t watched others. But I definately going to watch them now.

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