The right innerwear matters!

My comfort is my comfort- None of your comfort! Well, if you ain’t comfortable on the inside, it would definitely show on the outside. So, girls and ladies – let’s give enough importance to the innerwear as much as we do to buy the outerwear – (if there is such a word)!! Imagine a weird piece of cloth attached to your body for the most part of your day! Don’t you want it to be the best?

Wearing the right kind of clothes is also essential because it affects our health directly and indirectly. It starts with choosing and wearing the right innerwear which ensures comfort – for you as well as on your purse, makes you feel relaxed rather than worrying about a niggle here or a tear there and then finalize the outer clothes. Always factor in for the seasonal changes and monthly experiences. Period.

You may wonder why am I emphasizing so much on choosing the right innerwear?

  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of body is crucial to your overall health. Our clothes ensure we get the required protection from the external environment – both to prevent infections and to maintain body temperatures.
  • Moreover, our daily routine involves regular body movements. Hence, the right innerwear always comes in handy to reduce those unwanted stares.
  • Our skin would secrete toxins and sweat which if not taken care of emits a foul smell and also convert into a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Additionally, it is a known fact that women are prone to urinary tract infections. 

I hope these would be enough to remind you to have a relook at the wardrobe which doesn’t get the attention it deserves!

Next comes the kind of material – 

Coming to the type of material there are many options because innerwear also accentuates a female body so you have right from fancy lace and net options to the common cotton ones. When making the choice consider both the health and personal aspects like wearing a fancy one for some time as against long hours of your daily routine. Cotton becomes the primary choice because it helps absorbs moisture and sweat keeping rashes, itchiness and infections at bay. It also helps to keep the area clean and dry. Avoid synthetic material when it comes to heavy activities especially during summers as it does not absorb moisture and increases the chance of chafing, hives and infections.

Types of Underwear


High Waisted Panty/Underwear:

Blog 229 - Women Underwear - 2

This one has an elastic band on the stomach which helps in tummy compressing and smoothening. They go with most of the clothing wear and gives decent coverage.


Boy Shorts:

Blog 229 - Women Underwear - 3

As the name suggests they are similar to men’s brief. They appear rectangular on your thighs similar to hipsters. They again show no panty lines so you can wear them under tight dresses.



Blog 229 - Women Underwear - 4

They provide maximum coverage and are mostly available in cotton. They have low cut leg holes and need to wear them low waist. Suitable for all kinds of outerwear. They provide maximum comfort for your daily activities.



Blog 229 - Women Underwear - 5

Gives medium to full coverage and adds to oomph factor of your innerwear wardrobe. They have medium butt coverage and semi hi-cut leg fitting.



Blog 229 - Women Underwear - 6

These are low rise panties below the hip bone with no or less rear coverage. Its suitable for bodycon dresses and skirts when you want to avoid visible panty lines. 

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  1. With Zivame, buying innerwear and identifying and looking for various varieties has become so easy. Earlier inner wear shopping was an awkward affair.

  2. The right innerwear is very important. The fit and cloth and quality go hand in hand. Zivame look great.

  3. Fit and comfort are very important when selecting inner wear. I like Zivame for the wide range of variety and options it offers in inner wear. And their promotional offers are pretty interesting too!

  4. Innerwear boosts your confidence. Comfort is the most important factor while choosing the innerwear. I prefer cotton for daily wear.

  5. Inner wears are the most important things to be best cared for. But in reality, most of us fail to do so. And your post happened to be an eyeopener for all women.

  6. One must listen to own for the comfort of self and according to the taste of dresses. Whatever you wear, you should be comfortable in it

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