Affordable Mobile – A Growing Need!

Mobile is no longer just a communication device for us, it’s an integral part of our lifestyle. Most of my subscribers would surely be reading this on their mobile! Most of us use mobiles or smartphones as the first and maybe only resort for many day-to-day activities through various applications or ‘apps’ as we call it.

As per a report“the word for this year for marketers and businessest is: go mobile or go home”

Purchasing a mobile has become a necessity than a luxury for almost everyone around us. We are no longer surprised to see people carrying two devices – personal and professional! Travel in trains is associated with playing games on mobile, listening to song or watching a video. The days of conversation with a fellow passenger would soon be a thing of the past!

At one end of the spectrum, you have iPhones and high-end Android models worth more than 50K while at another end there are huge options available. It sometimes does get overwhelming to compare options, doesn’t it? Brand consciousness is very high among the younger population and the office goers as the best and latest model tend to become a status symbol as well. Everyone does a value-for-money check based on their own interest levels – features, camera MP size, long-lasting battery, RAM size, brand name etc. are taken into consideration. With plenty of companies offering easy EMI options, it becomes a very lucrative deal.

On the other hand, there is also a good demand for refurbished mobiles too. Not everyone wants a latest updated smartphone. Few people do maintain a strict budget and can opt for a good 2nd hand phone as well.

Trends show that the Indian market for smartphones/mobiles is very lucrative and we are the second largest in the global market after China. The domestic market is flooded with both local and international manufacturers. The basic smartphone models also have a good camera and have inbuilt software which supports vital apps. There is still a huge demand for mobiles with simple features like calling, radio and camera only. 

With the surge in online shopping, most of the websites offer mobiles in the various price ranges. HomeShop 18 is one of the leading online websites and offers adequate range for affordable mobiles. The unique model which makes this company a success is the convenience factor it offers to its customers. Sitting at the comfort of your home you can either purchase products through their website or watch live demonstrations on their channel and purchase through the phone. Merging with another e-commerce company Shop CJ Network Pvt. Ltd it is now the leading home-shopping network in India.


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The user experience has been made easy with various category options on their website

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It not only offers mobile devices and combos but also a complete range mobile accessories complement the device like phone covers, headphones, screen protectors, power banks etc.

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With so many advantages and offers I guess the next thing is to click on – Shop Now!


  1. Now generally we buy mobiles online or after reading online reviews and all we buy offline. I love to decorate my phone with a good cover, ring etc.

  2. There are so many options available that I am confused when it comes to mobile shopping! Go mobile or go home seems to be the driving message for marketers.

  3. I have shopped from HomeShop 18 through their on-air shopping channel on TV ages ago. Havent shopped online through their website. Would explore it considering that i have to buy a mobile for my son. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Online shopping is taking the front seat in every category. Whether it be clothing, toys or electronics, online shopping is becoming the best options. I have shopped few items long time back from Homeshop18. Never bought electronics.

  5. I totally agree with you. Mobiles are the reality today. Being a blogger, mobile gives me so much work and almost 95% of the work is done through mobile only. HomeShop18 is a great platform to order mobiles.

  6. There are so many options available that I am confused when it comes to mobile shopping! Go mobile or go home seems to be the driving message for marketers.

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