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“It was a foolish move to drop KL Rahul” was my argument for the nth time. The debate continued for almost 30mins with neither of us willing to leave our stand. When you travel in Mumbai local trains – cricket enthusiasts like me will always be debating about what ifs! With no end in sight, I quietly excused myself out of it to get some peace of mind – only to be pulled up into another discussion. “You know what would be my dream 11 – Indian batsman and Pakistan bowlers. Just imagine 2003 World Cup – Sachin- Sehwag opening the batting and Wasim- Waqar opening the bowling.” This point came up whenever Dad and I spoke about cricket. The thought of having a team where all the possible gaps are filled is a dream come true. A Dream 11 to take on the cricketing world! What a fantasy!

This fantasy got wings in the virtual world. Through Dream 11 – Fantasy league. Create your own team! You have the power to choose a player of your choice! Make a team you want! How cool is that! Take on the best and participate in the fantasy league.

Chose any upcoming match and start creating your Dream 11. We have chosen the West Indies v Bangladesh match as a reference for this blog.

Blog 230 - Dream 11 - 1

As in every game, there are a few rules which we need to follow. We need to choose 1Wicketkeeper / 3-5batsman / 1-3All-rounders / 3-5Bowlers. We have a budget of 100 credits. Every player comes with individual credits. In this example – Chris Gayle has a credit of 9.5 whereas Tamim Iqbal has a credit of 10

Blog 230 - Dream 11 - 2

The task at hand is to use your judgement, experience and knowledge of the game to create a Dream 11 to participate in the fantasy league who can give you a maximum score on the match day. To gain more insight about the upcoming matches either stay updated via various cricket websites or you can read through the updates by clicking on ‘Guru’ while selecting your team. That’s why it’s more than just sheer luck which helps you to win over your competitors. Presenting my Dream11 for the upcoming match.

Blog 230 - Dream 11 - 3

Once you have selected your Dream 11 – it’s time to choose a Captain and a Vice Captain of your team. Remember it’s your Dream 11 for this fantasy league. So you can choose any of your 11 players as captain and vice-captain. Whatever points your captain earns – you get 2times of those points; for vice-captain it is 1.5times. Points are given for every run scored, wicket taken, catch taken, every boundary scored etc. – the list goes on and gets exciting. You have an option of editing your team till the deadline applicable for the match.

Blog 230 - Dream 11 - 5.jpg

So what are you waiting for? Register yourself (app or on the website) and start playing the fantasy league.

What if I told you, your Dream11 can earn you additional income in the fantasy league? Unbelievable right? There are multiple options available for exploring. Right from beginner to an expert- you can earn money directly to your account through this league. Give it a try – Its worth your time and effort. All the best.



  1. Wow this is so cool. I’m not into selection of players. Mujhe to bs india jite yahi chahiye😂😂

  2. My teen son is a big lover of Dream11. He used to talk more about the game when he was in 9th last year, But this year being i 10th, finds hardly no time for this.

  3. I was a fan of Ganguly, after his retirement, I stop watching cricket. But ya, I have the memories of 2003 world cup also. My husband loves to play Dream 11.

  4. Well, I always was a fan of cricket as long as Dhoni was the captain. Sadly, it doesn’t interest me anymore. But I’m sure all major cricket fans will love this app.

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