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Shoes, having plenty of them still you would feel your cupboard needs more. Your nod and smile prove that you do agree with me!

As a kid, one hardly has multiple pairs. It’s school shoes and possibly 2 pair of casual shoes – one for regular wear and another for party wear. For regular wear, most kids wear sports shoes or sneakers as they provide the best comfort. Since my father travelled a lot I got to use some awesome shoes from childhood days. Our sports shoes were mostly from Nike Shoes. So, my journey with Nike began since childhood – school times to be precise.

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The first time I saw it – I said – “It’s correct”. My father controlled his smile and said “It’s not correct, sweetie. It’s the ‘Nike swoosh’. Well Ok. I said to myself. It looks like correct. “I just love these, Dad.” I kept running in those for hours.

These fond memories are precious. Till date, I explore other brands but somehow end up liking a product of Nike! And now my husband is hooked up to it as well. He has a sports crazy family. Be it cricket, marathon or football if I must suggest or if I end up going with them, my recommendation is always for Nike. Why mend something which ain’t broken! What I love is the variety it offers. They have an interesting colour range to match up too with options for both sexes.

To top it all, we also have an option of online shopping. I have explored a lot of online websites when it was taking its baby steps in India! If online shopping was a brand – I would have been its brand model!

“Why Online??”  is the most common question I am asked. The one-word answer is – convenience. Most of us are in a profession where we are always pressed for time. With the limited time available, it doesn’t allow us to explore any shoe store completely. The ones which we do explore completely; do not have enough options to choose from! You would agree with me buying in hush hush and ‘let’s leave, its late’ mode is not always wise. You could end up picking the wrong product and then begins ’return of the purchased shoe’ rounds which throw daily routine out of gear. So, my dear friends – Why not go online?

With online shopping, it gives us the ease to explore a variety of shoes, see different colour options, availability of sizes, different shoe patterns etc. Once you place the order, it gets delivered to a destination of our choice. In case of any issues, you don’t have to lose sleep! The return policy is hassle-free and someone would come to pick it up! How about that for customer service!! The icing on the cake is you can return the product if you don’t like it for xyz reasons; which is often not possible when you buy in-store.

To check the best variety and for additional savings just head to Myntra. They have up-to-date variety throughout the year. Quality and delivery is never a concern. Plus, they regularly run some exciting deals and great offers which are tough to neglect! I am always sorted with them for my shopping needs. When are you logging in? Just do it!

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  1. The quality, comfort and design …all are perfect when its Nike. And now as I understand I must head to Myantra for the latest offerings! Thanks for sharing Manisha.

  2. one of my favorite brand, even though now i live in U.S. , but still Nike is my priority among several brands.

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