Shhh! Some Age Old Skin Secrets Revealed

A secret desire I wish to reveal, 

One which every woman feels,

All the things may be perishable I know,

God, all I want is the eternal glow! – Mahek

Yes, we all have a secret longing to be beautiful always. It’s not limited to a woman. Men also feel the same, I am sure. We express, they don’t! As a child, you are carefree; step into the teens and you become conscious of everything around. The first pain of acne and the swollen eyelids which never were a worry starts to become the cause of concern more than the grades. Long beautiful tresses become a necessity and glowing flawless skin the fundamental need to look beautiful.

That’s exactly my situation was when I realised why a good glowing skin is so important than an acne prone swollen face. You suddenly start remembering all the tips and tricks your grandma shared with you and asked you to follow. She would often say, “Abhi dhyan dege toh baad mein tere kaam ayega,” which always went on deaf ears but today I follow them to the T. So I would share some secrets which were shared with me, which I have learnt observing my Grandparents, Aunts and Mom for their beautiful skin. They never had 10 products for their skin still, their skin shines to date – Wonder Why?

Hmm, So let the secrets reveal…

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  • As a child, we were always given nuts with our morning breakfast. Like it or not but nuts like Almonds, Walnuts etc have a lot of vitamins and minerals which help in our overall well being. Nuts naturally contain Vitamin E which helps to keep skin healthy too. You may ask why Vitamin E? So, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant. It not only helps in prevention of Chronic diseases but also slows the process of ageing.
  • In good old times, they used to apply milk or cream as a moisturising mask it provided the necessary hydration which the skin needed. Then came the hot favourite of those times Nivea creme which to date is being used. I assume correctly that all of us have used this one at least once in our lifetime. It was an integral part of the dressing table. I have a secret for you here, little Nivea creme and Evion (Vitamin E capsule oil) mix it well. Yes, it was an invention done in earlier times and in winters it kept dry skin at bay. Evion a Vitamin E capsule given as oral medicine was used in multiple ways.
  • Almond Oil was used as a facial oil in the night for a glowing skin. A tiny miny amount went a long way. No serums and night cremes.
  • Since we spoke about Evion, I reveal some more uses of it. This was more done by my Aunts. Instead of Almond Oil, they sometimes opened the capsule and applied that on the face or mixed it in the regular hair oil and applied it on hair. Evion supplements like capsules and cream fulfil the need for Vitamin E, both internally and externally.
  • Being a North Indian, Ghee cant be left behind. Yes, no lip butter or cream or whatsoever it was desi ghee to your aid. Ghee also contains Vitamin E so you can apply it to lips, skin and even hair.
  • Mustard oil is also used a lot as post-shower oil, for your hair or body massages for kids and adults. Applying mustard oil in your belly button also helps in lessening dryness of skin on a daily basis.

The products which were available always at home were used in multiple ways in times gone by. So for personal care also why should they be left behind. These were my old time nuskas being drilled down by my grandparents and parents which really work wonders, costs less and is skin friendly too.

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Which one you liked? Share with me in the comments below. If you have a nuska share that too.

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  1. Wow great tips. I also using mustard oil before shower, and on belly button too. Ghee for chapped lips.
    I’m missing my clear skin, i lost it because of acne.
    4-5 years se is acne ne pareshaan kiya hua h. Kash meri skin pehle jaisi ho jaye, smooth, clear, glowing. 😍

  2. Aloe Vera! Best remedy for fading acne scars and sun damage or hyperpigmentation 🙂 and then lemon and honey for brightening skin! 🙂🙂

  3. Kitni acchi tips hain 👌👌 abhi bhi der nahi hui hai, aap sab young age me ho, abhi bhinye sab start kar do to aging signs jaldi nahi aayengey 😊
    Fruits khana, dudh peena aur saaf paani peena bhi apni habbit banani chaiye, kuch kesar thread daily paani ya dudh k sath lena chaiye 😍😍
    Blog ki khubsurti bahut acchi lagi 💕💕

  4. I have just recently started using Evion Vitamin E capsules for my hair. I mix it in a oil I have prepared and it has helped to bring shine to my hair. I shall now use it for my dark circles . Thanks for letting by me know its benefits for skin too. And yes even my grand Mom used to say the same thing and did went to deaf ears but now I try and do everything she used to say to take care of skin . Better late than never.

    1. Yes better late than never. Yes it works wonder. Evion cream was launched because people started using the capsules with their cream for the skin purposes.

  5. I have also started using Vitamin e caps as I’m having some acne scars. I never had them ever though 🙁

  6. I have used Evion a lot in the past for my skin and hair.. How come I forgot all about it? Thanks for this reminder article. And yeah, these nuskas may be old but are priceless and works like nothing. Else. For example: no moisturizer can replace the moisturizing benefits of Malai.

  7. Ah I have heard it all from my mom and nani too but….. Yeah Nivea used to be such a staple household item in those days! Thanks for sharing this useful info Manisha

  8. I apply malai or coconut oil during winter but with age I can see my skin drying in every season. Thank you for your skin care tips Manisha. I am going to try out Nivea plus vit E oil..i have Nivea at home.. Just need to get Vit E capsules!

  9. Real dadi maa ke nuskhe. This is so cool. Love the vitamin E capsule one. Will try that in winters

  10. The one thing that saved me from hair fall was Vitamin E tablets. I have been using this even for my face, it really clears your skin. I have not used mustard oil but i know it is the best for your hair. I will try this out. 🙂

  11. That was really a home made post Manisha!
    I recollected how my father used to apply Nivea for me and my brother at night before going to bed and only after a hot water bath, in winters!
    Agree you that we dont need 10 products, just some home made potion with love is enough.
    Very informative post!

  12. Beautifully curated post. These are age-old tips that will fade away if someone doesn’t document them. Glad you took this up and shared such valuable information. Keep writing 🙂

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