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We are always running on our toes be it a working woman, stay at home Mom or a homemaker. In the priority list of our day to day activities, taking care of our needs takes a back seat. The negligence often happens to ourselves as we are hardly able to squeeze some “ME” time.

We all need some pampering for ourselves, some are our basic essentials while some become an indulgence. One such is essential is Beauty pampering which is time-consuming as we need to head out to our preferred place and the time taken for the services. So the calculation of travel time + service time always plays on our mind. When the clock is ticking on your head for your work, a small mole becomes a major pain point like the wait time which cant be avoided at the salon. So we either follow some shortcuts or do basics and run or the majority of the times ignore and wait for the critical time when we cant avoid it.

Here comes Home Pampering Services or #SalonAtHome to your Rescue. Pampering at the luxury of your home with no travel and wait time. Sounds like a relief!

But hey, we still have lots of questions before calling them home. I share my recent experience with #VLCCVanityCube with all of you.

Before I divulge more details about my experience I would like to Thank Nisha for introducing me & Welcome you all to this blogtrain hosted by wigglingpen and sponsored by VLCC Vanity Cube. Follow the trail and get to know first-hand experiences of the various services.

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Things On Our Mind:

Even if we have to call someone at our home we have few unanswered questions which need to be addressed.

  • ♦We need a reliable and trusted brand which can offer quality services offered in salons at our homes.
  • ♦We need it to be hygienic at the same time it should not mess our homes.
  • ♦The products used should be of the best quality.
  • ♦We should get good service options, at affordable price and discounts are always welcome.

No, we don’t ask for much, just a few things here and there. Considering all these parameters I chose VLCC Vanity Cube. Yes, I found my perfect fit.

To get my services I just

  • ≡〉 Downloaded the App
  • ≡〉 Selected the Services. You have options for Individual Services and Packages as well.
  • ≡〉 Selected the Date & Time.
  • ≡〉 Made the Payment.

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Viola, I am done. So how was my experience?

Experience: Like 😊😊 ⬅or➡ 🙁🙁  Dislike

  • I got a confirmation for my services upon payment plus the Executive called me before coming.
  • The Executive was 15 mins early and not late which was a positive sign for me as I don’t like latecomers.
  • She came equipped with all the necessities and in a proper uniform and ID which makes it trustworthy.
  • The Executive neatly placed a sheet on my sitting area so nothing gets messed up plus for herself to keep the stuff. Cleanliness is maintained and I don’t have to sweat after she leaves.
  • I had opted for Waxing & Facial services.
    • I had opted for Italian Wax service for myself. All the products were original and the Executive brought in the complete pre-care and post-care products. The service was quick and efficient. No complaints or hassles at all.
    • Next was Facial. I opted for VLCC Ayurvedic Double Power Double Neem Facial. It was a 45 min session with Cleaning, Scrubbing and Mask. A good 20 min facial massage and 5 mins for your back. It was rejuvenating and the perfect pampering I need.

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Hope you find this review useful:). The blog train departs my station for now and soon arrives at Deepa’s blog. Deepa is a Postgraduate in Foods and Nutrition, who strongly believes in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”. A dietitian by education, Blogger by passion, a mommy of two girls, she shares all her experiences through her creative eyes as a blogger. Its a one place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, travelling, parenting, and everything life.

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  1. VLCC at door step with and with great ease! Thanks Manisha for introducing this. Now I will have no reason to say no to pampering myself.

  2. Sabse pehle top post k liye big Congratulations 💐💐 well deserved 🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Maine bhi is service k barey me suna, app install bhi kiya per bad luck ,meri city me abhi service shuru hi nahi hui 😂😂

  3. How relaxing that felt… Didn’t you feel like you should get it done every month.? That’s exactly how my session was. Congratulations for the post to reach among the stars 😄

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