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Planning for a road trip for this holiday season here is a ready guide to keep in mind – Planning a Road Trip.

For a road trip first and foremost comes the vehicle. The vehicle has to be in the perfect condition to traverse the journey to and fro.

Here is a small checklist for your vehicle. What areΒ you waiting for? Let’s get starting

πŸš—Β Vehicle Functioning :
  • Check all the parts of the vehicle if they are in working condition without slightest of issues. The Clutch and Brakes especially.
  • The mirrors are intact and rotating.
  • The car wipers are functioning properly.
  • The AC and heater both are working without any hassles.
  • All the locks in the car are serving their purpose.
πŸš—Β Fuel and Oil:

Check the motor oil levels and make the necessary changes if required. Never ever experiment with the fuel at the time of travel, go with the regular one which you have been using always for your car. If the Air Coolant needs to be added, then do the same especially for places with the hot sun you would need it.

πŸš—Β Water:

The radiator in the car should have adequate water. Carry extra water for the engine. Never open the radiator when the engine is hot or pour water also. Never !!⚠️ You may need water for cleaning purpose as well so always carry sufficient quantities.

πŸš—Β Tyres:

Your wheels have to do a hard job always so keep them in good condition. If it needs a replacement then please do the needful.

πŸš—Β The emission systems, battery and lubrication these need to be checked too!

πŸš—Β All the lights in the car are functioning properly, this is vital.⚠️

πŸš—Β Things to keep handy:
  • Spare Tyre
  • Car Equipment to change the tyre or small repair
  • Torch
  • Water
  • Cleansing Cloth
  • Motor Oil or Coolant
  • GPS Navigator if you require
  • Chargers for Mobile
  • Disposable Bags to throw stuff

Hope you find this checklist useful.

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Have a wonderful trip and safe journey πŸ™‚


Written by mahekg

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  1. Start right for the hassel free journey! Very helpful pointers Manisha! I wish to add just one more… Keep the road side assistance number or the customer care number of your vehicle’s make handy!
    – Anagha Yatin


  2. Very useful checklist. I won’t have to make one now, just need to refer to your post anytime I travel by road.
    I love the graphics and cars as billets. Definitely Zara hatke blog!!!


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