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Medical Emergencies can strike anytime- Well, that’s why they are called emergencies in the first place! We all love and care for our family members and friends and when the unknown strikes every small help counts. I hope and pray that all my readers always Stay Healthy and if someone is going through some tough times my prayers are with you.

We can never be fully prepared for emergencies but do check my earlier post here to know few important aspects which would surely be helpful when time strikes.

To share with you just a few days back I was in such a situation. Being from the healthcare field, I still had those jitters when I saw my loved one in that condition. I don’t ever want to relive those anxious days where stress was just visible all over me and my family.

Tough times teach you few things though. It gave me a perspective on the difficulties faced by patients’ relatives – post the emergency which could be as complex as the emergency. If anyone undergoes any medical situation then post that, care is equally important for faster recovery. Trust me, it is extremely vital!

You cant be in the hospital throughout, which is why you need care and assistance at your home as well. Surely we need some professional person to get us through the post-operative or post hospitalisation care, but think of this- isn’t there a time when our elders or anyone ill would need help at home with respect to medical practitioners, nurse/attendant, paramedic help or types of medical equipment. In such a situation, where do we run to find these? Who do we trust?

In stressful times we panic, we are anxious and we have so much on hand that we don’t know where to start from.

We should really Thank that in today’s time we have support from various places. There are various organisations which provide such service through the ease of an app. I got to know about Zoctr which helped me in my need.

About them: 

Zoctr Health Network is a first-of-its-kind pan-India Home & Telehealth Company that provides a comprehensive portfolio of home-based medical services including long-term Intensive Care, Chronic Care & Wellness, Corporate Wellness and Health Check-up programs and other subscription-based value added services such as Teleconsulting, Home Laboratory Pick-ups, Home/Online Pharmacy and Emergency Management Support to its customers leveraging a proprietary, fully integrated and technology led business model.

Zoctr – Your Home Health Partner – provides you with just one touch to home
health services at your doorstep with the Zoctr App.
  • Book qualified, skilled and verified Homecare Nurses, Attendants, Doctors.
  • Physiotherapists and Medical Equipments in a few simple steps.
  • Find your location using inbuilt GPS and instantly match with hundred of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements.
  • Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles.
  • Schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.
  • Manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go.
  • Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.
  • Track staff real-time on a daily basis using inbuilt GPS tracking.
  • Provide daily staff attendance, rating, escalate issues immediately using support.
  • Make online payments using a payment gateway and digital wallets.

To use the app is very simple, check the steps below:

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We always want the best for our family. They provide help just when and where you need!


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