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All girls are born glamorous, the person who denies my heartfelt condolences 😉

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So apt right?

There is no perfect moment to look glamorous, the stage is always set 🙂

A girl can never ever have enough makeup in her stash and her search for beauty products will never end in her lifetime. I came to know about this wonderful brand called #MyGlamm. I got quite excited to check their range of products.

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My First Impressions:

💖 The name itself is glamorous.

💖 It’s backed by Europe’s largest natural beauty company – L’Occitane and they have collaborated with some global experts and make-up artists to bring an exciting and innovative range of products.

💖 What caught my attention was that these are natural beauty products and innovative too. Wow!

💖 100% cruelty-free makeup line enriched with special minerals, oils and vitamins. Just what I like 🙂

I did not leave the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with this brand. They had their MyGlamm makeup artist sent to my home for a complimentary makeup session. I had the wonderful makeup artist Davinder and Prashant coming home. The look she created was just wonderful.

My experience with the products:

Multifunctional and compact – 

Their products are completely multifunctional. You have an eyeshadow with a primer inbuilt or the Primer – Concealer – Foundation – Compact – SPF30 for the base makeup.

💄I don’t have to use multiple products. 💄It really saves time when you are on the run. 💄Travel-friendly.

Great Packaging & Quality – 

The packaging looks really classy with the white base and golden touch. A new look in the market. It’s sturdy and of good quality.

Stays for long – 

I kept the makeup on for more than 4 hrs to test how it stands without AC.

💄And I wasn’t disappointed at all. 💄 It stayed as it is. 💄No side effects were seen even after a week so skin friendly as I have a sensitive skin. 💄 My skin did not feel oily or dry, it was good. 💄 The makeup came off easily with the remover.

Complete Variety of Products – 

They have not launched a single product but with the complete range including accessories –  that’s what I call coming fully prepared.

❣ Pocket-friendly

They have some wonderful offers running on the website. Multifunctional products come at a price which is pocket-friendly.

💄The products would last you for a good period. 💄 You don’t end up spending on multiple separate products.

The products at a glance:

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My Look:

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Decoding the look:


Order the products and avail some great offers here.

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  1. Myglamm has really come up with cool makeup range. Some may think its overpriced, but as you said, we should see how the products are multi-functional.

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