Monetise your old/unused gadgets, Recycle them!

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“It’s in the lower drawer towards the left side” my husband continued his effort to give me the direction on the phone. He was guiding me to locate the brand-new phone which he received from his company in 2016 and was still lying somewhere among his mountain of electronic devices – completely unused!! I wasn’t so enthusiastic to sell it due to my previous experience.

Does this happen with you? Isn’t this become a common scenario? With higher disposable income we all tend to buy products which often lie unused in our homes and our desire for upgraded device never ends. In both the scenarios we have some unused products. Won’t you like a solution to put them to good use?

Let me share my story. I had purchased a laptop cum tablet for my brother as he wanted a handy multipurpose device which he could use at home and while travelling to work. We ended up spending a good amount of money in it. He used for few times, but the enthusiasm died down since he got a new office laptop within 15days. Since all his work was stored in his office laptop his preference for it increased and the personal one kept gathering dust and taking up space on the shelf.

Hmm! It seems a dead-end, doesn’t it?

I read about recycling the gadgets which were hardly used. I thought of selling the same. We won’t get our full amount, but we could put it to some good use. My experience was hilarious and frustrating too. Thankfully my name was not on display but after sharing it on a website I got messages within hours. I thought it’s so easy. My first impression was like Wow! I realised the nuances later!!

To share my experience with you guys…

99% people will still ask you for photos and product details irrespective of your effort to share all of it beforehand, phew! It would be like one-liners every few hours and multiple people asking the same question. (You think – tumhe bechna hai so its ok you need to do it).

  •       Madam, product laptop hai ya tablet?
  •       Kitna purana hai?
  •       Kitne GB ka hai?
  •       Screen Size kya hai?
  •       Charger hai?
  •       Out of Warranty hai but apke paas Invoice hai?

You will find people who will negotiate with you like you are in the vegetable market. Yap that’s true. If you quote a price it will start at 50% negotiation point. Even if you mention that we are not looking at any negotiations. You will get a revised price every day plus or minus. If you agree with a price point then again they will ask for negotiations. (Like seriously). Galati se if everything works for you they expect a doorstep delivery. You would end up discussing few meeting points for days and then Gayab! Lost in transit.

When you don’t reply you would get daily prompts, however, when they don’t respond for weeks, its ok. (Kisko bhechna hai?)

Some people would close the deal and vanish suddenly out of the blue like no one ever existed. One person actually negotiated so hard and finally, we reached a mutual selling price. He asked for the contact details and pictures to be shared on WhatsApp. He sounded all gung-ho about it. Once we shared all the details, he stopped responding. We get an Amazon review from his side after a gap of 15 days saying I think I don’t want to buy because there are mixed reviews of the product. (My reaction was “Are you serious, were you sleeping all this while? Why waste someone else’s time ya….grrr”)

Since it’s a gadget be ready for some terms which no one understands but would be asked to you. Once you reply after putting a lot of energy. You would never get any responses back.

I agree we are selling unused or old products, however, being a seller doesn’t entitle a buyer to always have his way out. I wish there was a hassle-free website.

“Found it. It was not on the right but the left drawer. What’s wrong with your sense of directions?”. I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, the search ended after 30mins. Before I could say anything he smsed me a site and asked my opinion on selling the unused phone on the website:

This is how it works – 

They mean what they say Selling Simplified!  #CleanUpCashOut 

Knowing my husband, he must have scanned this website from every possible way. Before ending the call, he said:

“Guess What? Use coupon code CLEANCASH for an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. Isn’t it just WOW. Let’s use it immediately”

Well. That’s how I intend to spend the next weekend. #CleanUpCashOut. How about you?

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  1. I had a bad experience this way while selling a tv. The guy came home (after having fixed the price earlier) and then started haggling and pretending as if he didnt want it. When we told him thats fine and he can leave, he was refusing to leave. He did want it but expected us to lower the price further.
    In between, he kept trying to pry my work details and which hospital I was in. Finally, sold it to him and even had to give him a cloth to wrap it in and even after that, he called the next day with questions related to me rather than the tv. so stopped entertaining him. A bit apprehensive since about having them come home

    1. I can fairly understand your plight. We have some real irritating people around. I checked this one no other person gets involved. Website gives you the best price to sell as per market standards which I absolutely loved.

  2. I am sure this post is helpful to anyone wishing to sell or buy unused and good items. I was lucky for I was able to sold my first Dell laptop to my neighbor, a techie who did haggle and got a good price. Some people must stop behaving like morons and either you take or not, stop doing natakgiri.

  3. I was thinking of putting up our sofa for sale on one of the sites. But now I am in two minds… may be the local kabadiwala is a better option.
    Thanks for informing!
    -Anagha recently posted… Bamboozled

  4. Oh yeah, selling used products is a nightmare. I know that the messaging option has made it easier these days but sometimes that itself is a curse. I now just allow unused gadgets to lie around till an exchange offer comes about!

  5. Can relate to the trauma of selling things online. Now I just post it in my whatsapp groups and I get things sold with no haggling to people i know will care for them.

  6. I’ve been through this situation a couple of times and have ended up selling my products at half the price just out of frustration. Can totally relate to this post.

  7. That sounds like a horrible experience of trying to sell something! Will take a look at this other website you shared though, that might be more promising!

  8. Sounds so so familiar to me; I tried selling some stuff and got pinged for my number and photo. I am like seriously dudes, is this a dating site? Its pretty pathetic to try and sell a gadget for me every time on these app based platforms!

  9. Wow! This is such a useful article. I too have a stack of unused phones lying around in the house. Every time we move, I pack it and carry them along. But, now I know what to do with them 🙂

  10. I sold my old cellphone (iPhone 6 plus) to Sellyt. Got cash on the same day of placing the order. Very quick service. Awesome !! I would recommend anyone who wants to upgrade their phone to do so with Sellyt.

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