It’s time you own your Dream House with #TATA99HomesFestival

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Exhausted after another day of home searching the father-son duo finally ended their long weekend with plenty of calculations and discussions. Yet there was no conclusion!

His life flashed in front of his eyes. When he started working, his only aspiration was to get a decent home for his parents. They overcame a lot of challenges, but this was one hurdle which they were not able to surpass! However, he never gave up on his dream of buying a house. Friends and relatives were not so helpful either! “It’s not easy”, “you’ll be cheated”, “they won’t share the hidden costs”, such sentences would always hit his eardrums and create a certain level of anxiety. Good location, a trusted builder, funding (you need big money) and home as you desire, you never find the perfect combination of all this.

In the interim, we either lose a good project or the real estate price rises, either we don’t meet the loan criteria, or the project gets stalled. If everything goes fine, then the amount of money which the builder asks doesn’t fit our budget. Mr Dixit had faced all of this in the last so many years.

They were again reigniting their hope of owning their dream house after a long time. Mr Dixit could see the same level of excitement and determination in his son – Rahul.

“Dad”, Rahul shouted with the excitement of a 5-year old kid who just got his favourite ice-cream!! He came running to Mr Dixit with the laptop in his hand.

Mr Dixit lowered his eyeglasses and carefully noted the details:


The name of the builder soothed his nerves. He had burnt his hands with a not so well-known builder. The amount wasn’t significant, but it eroded his trust in such lucrative opportunities. In the world of real estate along with the funding, the builder should also have enough capacity to deliver his commitments and complete the project on time. A trustworthy builder is the first and the utmost criteria one looks while finalising a home.

He scanned through the page and realised it was a limited period offer with so many benefits that he immediately decided to register. It was one of a kind of offer and if luck would be on their side then their dream home would finally become a reality. This was a never-seen-before initiative in real estate. In all his years of home searching, he was seeing such an incredible offer for the first time.

Mr Dixit and Rahul then scanned through all the details of the offer with all the terms and conditions on the website. “Amazing,” He said to himself. “I don’t see any reason to be worried. It’s all written here. Completely transparent”. Important facets like a good location with the perfect house and good amenities got taken care off. A good builder takes care of all this before asking. Funding which becomes a roadblock for many also was well thought off.

It wasn’t a complicated procedure so a common man like him could follow easily.

Things were finally falling in place for him.

Today, his eyes say it all. He has no words to express his happiness. His full family would move to their new home at the earliest. He could fulfil his aspiration for his parents. He is a satisfied man!

This story is of 100s of Mr Dixit, someone like you and me who have their long-standing wish to own a dream house. In the last few years, the landscape of real estate market has evolved and still owning a home remains a distant desire.

With #TATA99HomesFestival Mr Dixit could live up his aspiration. It became a game changer for him.

99 Homes For 99 Hours With 99% Funding with Discounts up to 19 Lakhs** varying from property to property across Tata Value Homes’ projects, Mr Dixit couldn’t be any happier and content. It was time he could finally get what his parents always dreamt of, a place they could call their own.

So if you are one of Mr Dixit, don’t hold back and visit – to check out the properties and locations.

TATA is a credible brand and coming from them, it’s easier to take decisions for a common man. You will not only live your dream but enjoy high-class amenities at affordable prices.

Additionally, the offer is across multiple locations which again is noteworthy. 

Are you still waiting for a reason?

Register** –

**Period of registration ends on 1st November. Bookings begin from 2nd November – 6th November.


  1. It was fortunate for the Dixits to have come across this wonderful offer. Trust, value for money and great discounts with good quality, it doesn’t get better!

  2. Apna ghar sabka hi sapna hota hai, glad ki abhi bhi kuch trusted builders hain jo logo ka dream pura kar rahy hain
    Pray karti hu ki sabki kismat Mr. Dixit jaisi ho 👍👍

  3. There are so many Dixits in India who sweat to own a house and hard to find a good broker who gives transparent information. Glad that a brand like Tata is assoicated with the project to offer affordable housing. Well writer Mehek 🙂

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