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India is predominantly a tea-drinking nation, however, with the outburst of coffee chains tea takes a backseat in terms of offering a good variety.  Our choices are limited in both the hot and cold categories.


When I first came to know about Dr Bubbles – Chai Specialist what got me intrigued was what is the connection between bubbles and tea? Obviously visiting the place got all my questions answered and I enjoyed it thoroughly like a small child who has got a new toy to play with.


Having its origin in Taiwan, this concept has a good presence in Europe and Australia. In India, its launched by Mr Adnan Sarkar. A well-travelled person he thought of bringing this unique product in India in 2015. 


Bubble Tea is the name given to the choice of tea served along with popping or chewy bubbles that you suck up through a big fat straw! 


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Offering freshly made variety of Fruity flavoured tea, Milk Shakes and Yogurt Shakes which can be customised with either green tea or black tea, they further spoil you with an assortment of Popping Bubbles, Chewy Jelly and Tapioca balls (chewy Bubbles). Trust me you won’t stop after having one! They serve Hot Tea in cappuccino style with flavours like Masala tea, Mocha, Taro and Thai. The menu is tailor-made keeping the Indian Consumers in mind with Kachi Kari Fruity Tea and Pan Flavoured Milk Shake. How did I forget the crunchy waffles with a soft cake-like heart to go along with your drinks?



In a short span, they have made their presence felt in Mumbai, Gujarat and you would see many more bubbles bursting in many more cities. They have kept affordable pricing keeping the audience in mind and the product is completely travelling friendly.



A lot said and more to hear straight from the man himself – Mr Adnan Sarkar.



When did the first idea click of launching this product in India?
The Idea clicked as I travelled to places around the world such as Germany, Amsterdam, China, Thailand, London, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States and saw Bubble Tea as a Futuristic trend. Considering this as a healthy option over the unhealthy ones around, we decided to introduce Dr Bubbles to the masses in an exciting way to serve health.


How has been the journey so far?
The Journey has always been an experience of positives. Always learning, always adapting, always building on our products to make very accepted and palatable to the Indian masses.


What are your future plans for expansions?

We Plan to open up stores all across India and probably take Dr Bubbles International as well. Our target is a minimum 100 stores in the next few months. Knowing that Indians are spread around the world as well as Indian flavours are widely sought after, it gives us an edge to have our outlets in International locations. In India, our plans are up for Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Goa and Karnataka.


Your vision for the company.

Our Vision is to grow from strength to strength- from a QSR to a Cafe’ and eventually into a much bigger model by introducing more innovative products in the line- up.


Have a bubbly day 🙂


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  1. The the bubbles tea is quite famous in Thai shops in Sydney too. It’s called pearls here though. Love that it will be available in India too.

  2. I love Bubbles tea. had it in Bombay. And recently Burma Burma in Gurgaon also stocks them. They are lip smackingly delish.

  3. This was a lovely informative post but I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm for bubble tea. I find the bubbles quite yucky to look at and even more difficult to swallow. But it is definitely gaining popularity especially among the Indians who’ve had it in America!

    1. Thanks. May be your experience was not a good one with Bubble Tea. I am eagerly awaiting their store near my house to try more permutations and combinations

  4. This sounds so interesting – bubble tea – would never have imagined anything like it. I see Natasha mentioned Burma Burma stocks this – will have to make a trip there and try it!

  5. We even have bubble tea in Houston – when it comes to cold tea, I like mine unsweetened, with lots of lime, and without “bubbles,” but it’s an intriguing and festive drink. I like Thai tea, too, but it’s a bit too sweet to drink regularly. The sugar makes it less refreshing on a hot day.

  6. Healthy bubble tea and I am yet to taste my first. A commendable initiative by Mr Adnan Sarkar who must be lauded in bring bubble tea to India and of course well written, Mahek.

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