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Shopping is the love of many. Sale is something that shopping enthusiasts wish to hear. With the increase in disposable income, the advent of so many foreign brands to India, and the eruption of malls in big and small cities over the past few years. The temptation to buy would surely be there. Although the incomes would have risen the prices of brands have also gone up and the definition of an affordable bracket is different for everyone. Some can afford these brands easily while some do wish to buy them but at much lower prices.

Discounts is another word which shopping enthusiasts love to hear. If you can get an option of buying your favourite products at better prices then who doesn’t love the deal. #EOSS of End of Season Sale as they call it  –  is it a way to lure customers or a way to give back to customers?

Well, it’s both!

It’s a maze where you can buy what you want to at good prices as well as you can overspend too. 🤔🤔


Here some quick tips and pointers to keep in mind… ✔✔


Make a shopping list:

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This would help you be focussed on what you need to buy and not adrift you way into an unnecessary path. 🚫🚫 This would also help you save time and money.

You could be buying for yourself, family and may be some gifts. Keep the details like their preferences in mind and size for clothes or shoes whatever you are buying.

Do check the exchange periods in case you need to. Alterations if needed get it done. Check the product size because you might pick up a cloth thinking it was placed in that category but you forget we pick up things and keep it here and there, so things might just mix up right?

Check for defects there itself.


Check out offers:

You need to have a complete know how of the deals and offers. It’s beneficial. There are brand offers plus bank offers on debit/credit cards. Some bigger stores like Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle could have their own offers. Keep yourself updated.

Group shopping with friends and family can help you save some money, my tip so think about it.

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What to carry?:


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Some water for sure, malls do have the facility but it’s important. To avoid the extra money spent on shopping bags carry your own. You wallets, umbrellas depending on the essentials you need. Advisable to shop what you can carry on your own obviously because, you need to reach home will all the stuff. 🛍🛍

Also, to save some extra bucks eat and leave your home for shopping.



Some Etiquettes:👔👔

While sharing this I really feel like screaming at top of my voice and saying dude please follow. That’s the reason I chose a red bold colour to highlight it.

⚠️ Listen folks, I know you can get excited to check many clothes but would request you guys to remember that please don’t bang people and rush while walking in the store. 

⚠️ Keep the hangers on the stand and don’t throw in the entire place everywhere like changing rooms and floor. You can always remove the cloth from the hanger and keep it in your shopping bag. Does it take ages to do it? I have seen people walking over hangers but not picking them.

⚠️ Keep the unwanted clothes in the place kept in the changing room rather than throwing them or just keep hanging in the changing rooms itself. There are other people who want to try. Also, remember, you could be wearing one of those.

⚠️ If you don’t want a particular product keep in back in place. Don’t just keep it here and there. A new pair of shoes lying in bags section. Accessories fallen down. Clothes thrown or kept away randomly. You would be owing stuff from these friends, do you really wanna keep it that ways?

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Before Leaving Check: 🤑🤑
  • Check the bill and offers if applied properly.
  • Exchange period, terms and conditions.
  • Time to give stuff for alterations if needed.


Hope you found this useful. Have a wonderful day ahead!


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  1. Ye sahi bola, bachet k chakkar me over soending ho jaati hai, main to ab bahut soch kar hi buy karti hu 😊
    Bahut accha subject liya hai….aur paise bacha diye 😊😊

  2. very good tips! I’m guilty of keeping something else somewhere else, but that’s just ‘cos of the serpentine line everywhere! 🙁

  3. I agree that going to malls needs numerous bottles to carry along. And I am the one who carriers and doesn’t drink😉😅

  4. Also from my personal experience, stuff bought during discount periods have a lesser shelf life and durability. Better to spend more and get good quality products.

  5. I totally relate to this post. sometimes over shopping and sometimes fellow shoppers forget to repect each other. Love to read it.

  6. Wonderfully written post. I agree making a list really helps alot in keeping our focus to the things we want to buy. Thank you for sharing this.

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