The Call of the Wind


Whenever you think of a journey, you think of travel mostly, am I right??

Hmm, not necessary. We all say life is a journey so every part of life becomes one exciting journey whether it’s for good, bad or ugly. Circumstance another big word which is part of life giving it the twists and turns or that extra jazz and makes us wonder now what?

So, one such circumstance made me take a hard decision of quitting my job to find another one. An unexpected break to explore – newer opportunities and myself. When you have been working without breaks, such unexpected break can be difficult. So you start to unwind yourself then focus on house and explore opportunities. So what starts is full-time interaction with family which was a part time evening or weekend business, yay. Applying for job and interviews become another full-fledged activity.

Let me share some experiences.


Interview 1: Consultant profile

(After a wait of 15 mins)

Interviewer 1: Hi, we would be joined by another person let’s wait

(Interviewer 2 walks in 5-7 mins)

Interviewer 2: Hi, I am XYZ.

(What happens is a long discussion on the history of the organisation, problems and all since it’s a consultant role between Interviewer 2 and myself because Interviewer 2 is more involved in the business. After discussion)

Interviewer 1: See we have not thought clearly about the role, we were unprepared so why don’t you share some details. In the meantime, we will also think more.

(In my brain: Like really what did you do before??? Were you sleeping??)

We exchanged pleasantries and departed.


Interview 2: Managerial profile

(In the background there have been 2 rounds of discussion happened with the HR and reporting manager, we need a face to face right to take things forward.)

Interviewer 1: Hi, I am XYZ. You were supposed to come at 2:00 pm and you are half an hour late.

Myself: My interview was scheduled at 3:00 pm.

Interviewer 1: Oh so you early, anyways you will have to wait. I am occupied with something.

Myself: That’s fine. I will wait.

(After 30 mins)

Interviewer 1: We need more time.

(Another 20 mins)

Interviewer 1: Actually we will take more time no meeting room for the interview.

(Me wondering we face these issues right, its fine. Time is ok everyone has to wait for interviews right. After 10mins. Seriously do we? Why do you call people, some feel good factor??)

Interviewer 1:  Meeting rooms are occupied let’s go down and discuss over a cuppa coffee.

(We go to a coffee shop and unable to decide whether we should begin discussion or order. Interviewer 1 realises we have a telephonic interview in 5 mins. I am thinking okay so what to do now, ab kya?? After some phone typing I am been told the telephonic discussion is in 15 mins.)

Interviewer 1:  Tell me something about yourself?

Myself: I start .. ..

(We have breaks because we order, then wrong order comes and we manage all that. After about 10mins.)

Interviewer 1: Let’s go we are late

(Can you decide what we need to do. We pay and rush to the office. I undergo telephonic discussion)

Interviewer 1: There would be some more processes we would get in touch with you.


Interview 3: Managerial profile

As usual, I reach the destination half an hour early.

(After 45 mins later)

Interviewer 1: I am XYZ. I am late because I was travelling between offices. The interviewer explains in 5 mins about the company and profile a bit.

Myself: I share about my previous experience a bit and question about the company & profile.

Interviewer 1: Sorry, I can’t share much information. I don’t know if you are a candidate or a spy. You are an outsider.

(Taking a pause & in my mind are you kidding me? Is this some joke? Spy? Really? Wow, is this happening in real?? After regaining my calm)

Myself: I am a candidate trying to understand more about the profile.

Interviewer 1: Can’t share. Don’t mind

(Pleasantries and again we will contact you)


Till the time the HR/ Senior folks are busy developing new interview techniques. I continue with the call of the wind. I am discovering my talent to write, I used to write poems and now I have started blogging. My journey to unravel mysteries of life, myself and finding new destinations continues.

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  1. Job interviews me aise hota hi hai, kya kar saktey hain, haan aapka faisla ekdum sahi raha 👍👍
    Shuru me aapne bahut acchi baat kahi ki life khud hi journey hai 👌👌

  2. There are people who can be unprofessional and some bizarre conversation at the other end. It’s always good to have a break to sort out things. I am sure you will land up in something good which fits your profile, Mehak.

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