Suns and Lovers

When you woke up, he was always the first priority

When you ate, your first thought was him

When you travelled, how will he manage was your question

When you went shopping, what he needs ran through your mind

When he fought with you, your days were gloomy

When he got married, it mattered to you the most


A mother wants the best for her child. But when it comes to her son its more important to her than herself especially in our country.
Daughters on the other hand mostly get the second priority. We talk about equality, things have surely changed but a complete one is still a long way ahead.
A mother bears the pain equally for 9 months for a child. When a son or daughter is born, how does this love change?
Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Haan,ye aaj bhi kahin kahin sach hai per mere aur bhai k beech me mere parents ne koi difference nahi rakha aur mujhy bhi beti hain to mujhy aur meri puri family ko iski khushi hai, koi aur chahat hi nahi hai, koi shikayat nahi hai ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  2. I feel that it all narrows down to how educated the person is.
    I have seen people praying for daughters , but sadly ‘more’ for sons.
    I have two boys, and If I say anything like’ equal hota hai’ then people, say to me ‘ hmmm you dint have a girl’

    But, to be honest, my parents raised me as good as they are with my brother.
    I have not noticed a single bias from either of them.

    Sorry I got carried away!:)

    1. No Zainab, we all get carried away I do the same. I know it boils down to education but have seen highly educated people also having a bias for sons as against daughters. I feel we need a mind set change, be more aware and education would help more then. My thoughts..

  3. Hey, Real god is your parents who gave you born on the earth and they do everything better for you and for your better life. So you should not forget to your god in any kind of circumstances whether its good or bad :))

    1. Parents stand by their children I agree. They gave us birth however, they should not differentiate between their kids.

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