An remember (I)

Some journeys make lifetime memories. We all look for good ones, however, life is mix fruit basket filled with sweet, sour, tangy, bitter experiences. People crave for adventures while some met one.

Looking forward to the summer family trip I had done my bit of preparation. It’s not possible to be 100% ready still you give your best, right? Preparations began for me quite in advance since I am a bit of a planner. I hate late minute hassles which anyway pop in even with best planning. Going for the first-time, post marriage to your husband’s native place can be quite intriguing, you are excited to see the new place with some anxiety of meeting some new family members too. Additionally, if you are travelling with family members and cousins you want to be the best and not give a chance to complain.

We were going on a road trip with 10+ members including me in two vehicles, we could not fit in one with luggage. It was a 10 hrs. road trip and with the halts, it could extend to more depending on the number of breaks we take. Since it was vacation time for all the family members we wanted to enjoy the ride so we headed for the trip quite early to enjoy as well as reach on time, both were our priorities.

Hearing about the place for the last 2 yrs. of my marriage I had few perceptions, few apprehensions and lot of anticipation. A night before the journey while doing the preparations I did a huge goof up something which caused me a lot of pain. The enthusiasm which was built over was replaced with fear and weird thoughts for the upcoming road journey. We do connect things and it builds a lot of stress within us. At the spur of the moment, I felt like I don’t want to go. What do you do at such moments in life? Calm yourself and I connect myself with the Almighty. I prayed for everyone. Although I was pacified after some time I could not sleep the full night.

We were supposed to leave the house at about 4-4.30 am. With me and my thoughts playing I did not need an alarm to wake up. I woke up and got ready. Packed all the stuff which needed the last moment shifts. Mentally the to-do lists kept running till we left. My husband got ready and we waited for our extended family members to give us a go ahead to start. We were joining in from various locations of Mumbai so a bit of a morning jugglery. When so many members are going delays were bound to happen with hassles of coordination, however, with some fine-tuning things got started.

We left our house and joined the other members at about 5.15 am. One car was going from western suburbs while other was coming from Thane. We had planned to leave for by 5 to reach late evening before the night at our target destination. Since there was some delay in the members coming from Thane, we tweaked our plan a bit. Our meeting point for all was the Food Court on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway. We started our journey with Ganpati Bappa’s Ashirwaad and decided to wait for the remaining gang at our meeting point.

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  1. I remember the food court and the bus stopping there for a grab and hot chai. Such stress is normal but I am sure you will make the most of the trip. Enjoy!

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