Me & Mom – 7 things we love to do…

A mother-child is the first bond developed even before the birth of a child. She is your trouble shooter, your guide, your first teacher, the task master everything. She has multiple roles to play in a child’s life. You learn a lot from her. No one can understand a child like his/her mother.

She is the person whom you fight with and still, you can’t live without. I think a mother also thinks likewise. She makes you the person who you are. She walks with you always.

I and Mummy love to do few things together. We may love doing it, but doing it is not so easy also.

  • Like the first thing is obvious we do shop together. This shopping can be anything not related to us alone but family and household stuff. She shops very quickly while I take my own sweet time. She would like to go to multiple places before finalising a particular thing which I have inherited. We have different choices mostly, so the discussion starts. We may end up not buying anything on a particular day then. She is soo beautiful but it’s really hard to convince, actually tough to convince her to buy some clothing which I like. Some days we have finished our shopping lists and some days we just come back frustrated.
  • Shopping is incomplete without eating something. We like our vegetable grill sandwiches, burgers and chat together. Share and eating t superb. Nothing beats this. We both can’t finish a full dish. Our first choice of ice cream is also same and very basic. We love our pani puri.
  • We both love going to temple together. It’s peaceful! We have our temples fixed and she visits it much frequently than I do. But I love going with her. In fact, when Naniji was there we used to visit her every year and going to Haridwar was regular.
  • Walk on the beach is soothing. We would go frequently to take a walk on the beach and see the sunset together and breathe the fresh air. I think rains were the only time when we went very less otherwise we tried to go as much.
  • She is a great artist, I cant beat her in that. She has made some amazing paintings and vases. At one point in time, our house was full of her paintings. Now she has removed them. She has made wall art with thread, batic, sticks, you name it. She is good with crochet and stitching too. I have learnt 1% of all this. But we both love doing craft. We both love decorating our home.
  • She makes yummy pickles which I love eating and spoil my throat still I eat it.
  • We both love travelling. We haven’t travelled much though. It’s inside us to travel to a lot of places.

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I was not the outgoing types so these were the things I have grown up with and enjoyed. I love my Mum no matter what.



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  1. Mom k sath to each and every moment bahot special hota h. Very nice post dear 😘😘😘👌👌👌👌

  2. I also love to shop with mum, but just her or alone. I cannot really try this with friends. Husband comes a 2nd close 😉

  3. Lovely picture of you with your Mom. My Maa is very religious, stubborn, health freak and at the same time loving. It’s been only during the past years that I have learned to bond with her. It’s a special and precious bond that one will learn to cherish over the years:)

  4. How wonderful Mahek! A beautiful post that gave me a peek into your life. Blessed to have moms aren’t we? Your mom is super-talented! I am sure she is equally proud of your skills.

  5. No matter how much we grow up but our lives are not complete without our mothers. It feels glad to know your mother’s zest for life hasn’t decreased one bit and she enjoys life by doing what she loves. That one clip of a painting is enough to make the readers realize how talented she is. Wishing you both loads of happy times of togetherness.

  6. Moms are the best. Like you, I too enjoy a shopping spree with my mom. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  7. This could have been written by my daughter… Thanks for sharing, not sure what country you live in but sure shows how women all over the world have so much in common.

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