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The overall theme for Blog-A-Rhythm is Seven. Have so much to write about it that it became difficult for me to pen my thoughts down. It made me introspect why is 7 so much important in my life? I found out few answers, some which may apply to all and some only to me.

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We have Seven days a week. Each day has different emotion attached to it. Each day we look forward to something new. On a Monday we try hard to pep ourselves while on Friday everything seems so good with the weekend coming in. Every day is associated with different planets and God. Seven is quite an important number I must say.

Most of the working lot get their salaries in the first Seven days of the month. In the same seven days, we pay off our dues and salaries. In short, the first seven days we have money and most of it has also gone in paying off. Isn’t it ironical? Seven again plays a role out here.

There are seven colours of the rainbow. Each colour is unique and different. Although there are thousands of colours we see only 7. We have the ability to see only 7. Wonders of science?

We have Seven continents in the world with Seven wonders and Seven Seas. Snowhite did meet Seven Dwarfs. We never chose nine or ten it’s always been Seven. When it comes to selection we always say Top 3 or Top 5 or Top 10 and so on, we never say Top 7. Seven is considered to be lucky by many people. There is a fascination for this number. Some explanation which I don’t know.

On the personal front, seven again hold importance for me as my mother has Seven siblings. I am very close to them. I really love my maternal family. My Mama says – “Beta Mama means I love you twice as much as your mother Ma and Ma.” And my Masi also. They love me more. Every year I used to look forward spending my time with them. I have got Seven times love from them. Hmm!

Also, my husband was born on the 7th so does hold importance in my life.

“Seven” does play a role in my life. Wishing to see the seven wonders, following the Saptapadi or seven vows of marriage, living seven days a week and enjoying the seven colours of the rainbow.

Is Seven an important number in your life too?🌈🌈


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  1. 7 se related itni baatey ……bahut acchi information di aapne , kitna sochna pada hoga na 👍👍
    Lucky ho jo 7 se related itna kuch aapki life me hai …..
    Ye bhul gaye ki group me bhi hum 7 hi Active hain 😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Maine kabhi itna realize nhi kiya. Aaj 7 ki importance pata chal rhi h. Thanks to u. 😘😘😘

  3. Seven indeed seems to be really interesting number post reading your blog. How true is the explanation of “MAMA”.. twice the love…Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I vent really given the number so much thought. but after reading your post, hmmm it sure is very interesting 🙂 What an insightful little post 🙂

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