Sibling Love: 7 memories

The first friend and enemy is always our sibling. We all share a love- hate relationship with them where love obviously supersedes the hate.

I have a younger brother, sometimes I really wonder if he is the elder one. I don’t remember much of our childhood but still have some good memories, some memories which have gone and lots more to come. As a child, he was cute, naughty and energetic. Going together to school was the best time we had. WWF still means fighting with him for remote, we have fought like that in every nook and corner of the house. We have broken multiple remotes and hidden a lot of things in the sofa.

  • Being elder I only remember once when I held his hands and shouted at him, till date its the reverse. I shout but there is no use of it. We have fought for remote and TV channels mainly. Now we have high voltage discussions on Analytics and things I need to know. I lose the discussion always.
  • The best times in our teens and even when we started working was to go on weekends with Mom for a Frankie or chat or a long drive till South Mumbai and come back. I miss it. It’s fun to go out together. His favourite Sev Puri and our first choice were always Pani Puri. We would remain indecisive on where to go and he would say getting frustrated I will take you. Once with our cousin, he took us to eat the best sandwich, chat and pav bhaji that was super fun. On one more occasion, he took us to Spice Klub which was an experience. He is good at finding places for good food.
  • He hates shopping with me. We have spent hours finding things for him but when it comes to me he doesn’t has the patience. Now we don’t shop together. I remember we went to Shoppers to do some last minute shopping for my wedding, trust me he did not let me window shop. I had just 5 mins to chose and shop. He is the only one who can pull me off a mall in 5 mins.
  • He has given us jitters, 26th July can never forget that day. The phone bell was never so precious. I still remember his call came at 12.00 am saying he is fine, he will stay at a friends place and would come the next day.  He is the life of our home.
  • As a child, our school was nearby and we used to come together in Secondary class. I was so happy when our timings matched because earlier I had to come back alone. He used to bribe me with a juice from the store on the way or a pav vada (as I call it) to walk back home instead of taking a rick. We would never meet in recess, the only time he came was some tiffin issue and would come and call with my home name loudly. Now I love when my family calls me by my home name, miss it so much every day.
  • When he started with his Engineering college, he made me feel that nothing is as sacred and as a big torture as Engineering. Everything is nothing but Engineering. I  used to get so bugged with all that. A car, a plane, what I eat every damn thing. It was a phase which passed by.
  • I used to study Microbiology and during the initial experiments, new knowledge which I was learning daily, I used to freak at eating out and did not eat chat for whole 6 months. He is the one who has told this to each and every family member and made fun of me. He was always the better cook and I learnt from him only how to make poha which was my first cooking.

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There are many more good memories we share but I restrict myself as it’s a very emotional one for me. Things have evolved and changed but our love remains with all the lovely past memories, I await for the future ones.

Wish him all the happiness and success.



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  1. We all love our cute little bro n siso.
    Last one always b the naughty one.
    U look so cute in pictures mahek. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Yes we all love them…
      Lots of Love ❤❤ My childhood pics are all so bakwaas .. sab mein I am sulking or lost hehe

  2. What a lovely post, Manish! I can almost feel the love-hate relationship the two of you share. It also brought back so many childhood memories with my younger sister. Our fights used to be epic! But so was our love. We still fight whenever we meet, which is once a year as she’s in the US now. So much nostalgia!

  3. Mera bhai mujhse bada hai per jhagda hum abhi bhi karty hain, aapki post read karke sabse pehle usko ph kiya fir comment likh rahi hu
    Bahut pyaara rishta hai ye aur aapne bahut acche se likha bhi….🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Hamesha khush rahiye

  4. Such a lovely post. I could relate to almost all the points. I am an elder sister and my brother has no patience at all when it comes to shopping. @momtastciworld (Kavita)

  5. We all have this love-hate relationship with our siblings. They certainly know how to drive you up the wall. There were times when I would have gladly killed my sisters. But not anymore, they are best friends that I have and are my biggest cheer leaders and supporters.

  6. Awww this must have been so emotional for you to pen down. I have a little sister and we are like besties. She is doing her engineering and as you mentioned, she has explanations for every damn thing. If an argument breaks out, I lose. But everything being said, she is the most adorable thing I have come across. I could feel every word in this post of yours 🙂

  7. loved it Manisha, I can totally relate to this my younger brother is a total brat and when it comes to me he’s all nautanki plus demanding 😉
    cute post

  8. Oh Man! I am the younger one & I was always the one to take the blame of all wrong doings as I would get less yelling. I am waiting for my twins to grow up & see their dynamics!! Lovely Article.

  9. I also have a younger bro and I can relate the things you said.. Our fights were mostly for tv remote.. And its true my shoutings are till now useless.. your post awaken all those sweet memories.. thanks for the lovely post..

  10. aww that is so cute, all my childhood I wanted a sibling. I hated being an only child! I am sure you cherish all these memories.

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