Drink Pure and Be Safe!

Today I would like to don my Microbiologist hat. I may have done multiple things during my working tenure and blogging, however, the knowledge which I have gained through my graduation plays an important part always.

In our country, hygiene is not a priority and so we face health issues which some countries may not face. Microbes or Microorganisms are of different kinds and are present across, they are omnipresent. They can be good and bad. Good ones we didn’t worry about but the bad ones can make us run for our lives.

One of the easiest ways of transmission of microbes is through the water. We use water for everything drinking, cleaning, bathing, preparation of food etc. So the chance of water contamination is not a rare possibility, thus making the way for harmful microbes and we may suffer from various water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and the list goes on. The most common type of contamination is our drinking water getting contaminated with faecal matter leading to various illness.

Drinking, which is one of the most essential uses of water, gives direct access to harmful microbes into our body. So we used to boil water or have candle based filters. Luckily for us, we have Water purifiers in India now from multiple brands which through their technology give us safe water for our consumption.

We have the latest technologies of UV and RO water purifiers which gives us safe water for consumption and keeping the harmful microbes at bay. Livpure is well-known & trusted manufacturer of water purifiers in India, maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Livpure if the best water based purifier for home and can be easily purchased online at – http://www.livpure.in/. I say this with personal experience. They have multiple products suiting your needs. Every product is manufactured and assembled in a pure & clean environment and tested thoroughly.

With the onset of rains, having safe drinking water becomes more essential. Be safe, drink pure!

Stay Healthy ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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  1. To maintain proper hygiene is very important to keep away diseases. And water borne diseases will be on the rise during monsoon. Very important to be careful of water that we drink,

  2. There are plenty of brands offering water purifying systems and it’s so confusing to choose any one. But this one looks promising.

  3. 100% agree. I was not using purifier last year but some of my told me about all these bad things that we take unknowingly inside our body. He runs a water purifier comparison site (https://www.bestrowaterpurifier.in)

    Drinking pure water is always a necessity and should be followed by everyone. I am really inspired by your words Mahek.

  4. I too was consuming tap water. But truly your blog is an eye opener. Thank you for an excellent informative post. I have browsed and read a lot about Livpure ro uv water purifier @ http://www.livpure.in/water-purifier/ro-purifier.html
    As ro water purifier is trending and the latest product with 8 different stages that purifies water I feel it is the choice one should not miss. I want to buy a new water purifier for my home and I have liked its features and will buy one soon.

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