Dad & Me… – 7 common habits

We learn from our parents through our growing years. Some habits come naturally and some we imbibe knowingly or unknowingly and it becomes part of our system.

It is obvious that I have some common qualities from my parents. On this fathers day would like to share few qualities that I share with my Dad – good or bad but they are a part of us.

  • During my pre-graduation days while going back home I was waiting for the BEST bus, one co-student we did not know each other just randomly looked at my face and said you get angry very fast. I was actually wondering why did she mention this. I am a very patient person and hardly shout much. I observed myself and realised I do get angry fast which is so much like my father. His way of showing anger is by raising his volume while for me, it was just sulking alone. My anger comes fast and goes to. Realisation also helps to calm yourself faster.
  • I have always seen my father go out of the way to help family and friends. He would try to help them in whatever way he would always walk that extra mile. It comes naturally to me, I always take extra efforts in my capacity to help my friends and family. During exams, he used to sit overnight to make notes for me to read in morning. All the stress is visible on his face when anything goes wrong in the family.
  • We both love food. The only difference is that he is more crazy while, I can adjust. We both like our food hot and can’t have cold food. We both have a common set of likes. Love for tea is shared with both Mom and Dad.
  • In terms of documentation, he is a pro at that. I have got this from him. Everything would be kept properly in files and folders. We can find our stuff. It’s just that he is way ahead of me sometimes. When he asks me to find some stuff from his stack I just can’t. I may not be up to his mark, but I can say with pride I am good at it.
  • He is an encyclopaedia of many things while I also like to learn or at least keep myself updated but my sphere is limited as compared to him. He knows about every sector.
  • He is a self-made man and I try to do the same. A lot of doors have closed for us but he never stops finding ways so do I. Life throws challenges, he has learnt to adjust to them and somewhere makes me also more malleable to adjust to the situation and find the open doors.
  • We are headstrong, he is much more than me for sure.

There are many more qualities we share. We don’t sit and talk like many do. But just the presence is a comfort. He is over protective for his kids and has tried to give both of us – me and my brother the best. He loves us but shows in different ways.

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Happy Fathers’ Day Dad!



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  1. OMG! this is the best article 👌👌👌
    Thank u for sharing ur feelings on this fathers day.
    I m also more like my father 😍😍 and i love him alot 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Great ode to your dad, Manisha !!! I could relate most of your points with my dad too. I still love my dad and he is my hero though he passed away 20 years back. Looking forward to read your posts.

  3. That’s a nice theme.
    I’m also like my dad in habit!
    My dad is also a little crazy about how he gets his food, & like you me too but can adjust!!!l lol!
    Good post! It’s good to be like dad’s right:)

  4. Post read karke aankh bhar aayi, betiya hamesha hi daddy ki laadli hoti hain 😍😍 isliye mostly daddy jaisi ho jaati hain 👌👌
    Main by look bhi apne daddy jaisi hi hu 😊 aur mujhy bahut khushi hoti hai jab koi mujhy dekh kar ye bolta hai
    Happy Father’s Day to All princesses ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. A good one to pick for the day. I have also taken after my father in many ways. Love for food is sure one common 🙂
    Glad to meet you Manisha 🙂

  6. What a sweet topic to pick – perfect for Father’s Day. I’m bad at documentation – I envy you being organised. I am quite a mix of my father as well as my mother. I look like my father but I act like my mother :-).

  7. Beautifully written.
    Looks like my dad and your’s share the documentation quality and a couple of more you mentioned (including raising volume)hehe he.

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