Thankful for Weekends #ThankfulThursdays

I always looked forward to weekends since I was a child.

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In school after 5 days of school, weekends was the time to sleep more, watch TV and movies, laze around and forget about studies a bit. Everyone used to be at home so family time.

In college, there were no weekends be it my graduation or post-graduation. So holidays or days off became weekends wherein, the main motto remained to relax and unwind.

When I started working weekends meant the same, but it became more precious. Initially, my job location was different so weekend one day meant to meant family and have home food. Feel the presence of everyone because work days were so hectic with erratic timings as I was into sales initially. Sunday also when at home meant updating my bosses about the happenings of the week but, I valued it so much to be home. Saturdays meant going home and eat junk food and Sundays chill and work but the Monday fever gripping used to make me feel low a lot from Sunday evening.

Shifting back to my home after few months, weekends was time for me and Mom together. There were weeks wherein I used to be working from office or home completely 24 hrs. Still, weekends were special because even while working that extra sleep hour mattered so much. Eating breakfast at home was peaceful. When I wasn’t working sometimes going to temple or a stroll on the beach was the best break. To add to it having some chat or ordering some junk food as evening snacks were fun. Catching up on movies which I really like watching was a distressing exercise. Meeting friends very rarely as I wasn’t the weekend party person my life was simple.

Post marriage this becomes the time I get to spend with my better half and families from both sides. We both like movies or just relaxing at home doing just nothing. Sometimes doing all the things piled up in the week. I think we all have our weekend bucket list to be done which keeps on increasing with little tick marks. I love going out be it shopping or walking but just going out which doesn’t happen so much, however, I look forward to it every weekend.

48 hrs of the weekend would always be special!


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  1. So true… Everyone love weekend.
    I m nt doing any job or study right now. But my frnds r working, we spend our weekend together sometimes and enjoy it.
    Very nice post , i loved it ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. A lovely account of Sundays spent as bliss and lazy day for fun. It brings me back to Sundays travelling from Churchgate to Bandra, taking the bus to Bandstand, roaming at peace, munching on pani puri and, of course, sipping coffee and reading at Barista, watching the waves crash. Though for 3 years Sundays became my working day and lazy day shifted to one off during the week. Lovely account, Mehak.

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