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Meet Ms. Shubha Gupta and Ms. Siddhi Gupta, the force behind BodhiTree – One Stop Destination for Wedding Ensembles.

We all appreciate beautiful things, however, when the market failed to satisfy their craving for ethnic and beautiful Indian attire it dawned upon them to recreate old charm keeping in mind the current generation to come up with some great wedding ensembles. The focus was traditional craftsmanship like danka, antique dori, zardozi etc. with rich fabrics to create magic.

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Let’s know more about her journey…

It’s been a roller coaster ride with some exciting moments and some anxious days too. We never faced any dull moment with 24/7 whirlwind of activities on many fronts. It’s not easy coming to terms with so much coming our way in such a short time yet we can’t complain because it has given us a lot worth holding onto.


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

Every challenge either becomes a success story or a lesson. Going by the statistics, we have seen as many ebbs as flows, being women in a male-dominated workplace, continuously trying to carve a niche for ourselves and to be taken seriously for our work is a herculean task in itself. However, being from a family where girls are treated at par with males helped us a lot in taking a pressure off coming from our external environment. Our father is our hero, he has always been the wind beneath our wings, this gives us psychological edge where are not battling at our domestic fronts for our rights and can solely focus on our career. Having said that tackling external environment is not a bed of roses, there’s a lot of sweat, hard work, patience and sacrifices that go in being a tiny member of a mammoth glamour world. Every day some brands are launched and some shut shop. This industry is absolutely unforgiving to those who don’t continuously keep up with times, evolve and adapt with times. You can’t be oblivious to your surroundings and exist. So the unsaid rule is nothing but sincere and honest efforts will get u through. Mind it every bit is worth it when u receive so much love, appreciation and blessings from ur clients.


Goal for the next 5 years…

We want our baby – Bodhitree to grow leaps and bounds in numbers, love, appreciation and blessings. We have got a lot of love from our surroundings and we want to continuously give it back with complete honesty and sincerity.


Message to all the readers…

Want all the women entrepreneurs aspiring, starting out or who are already established to keep the flame burning. Dnt let the darkness of few closed minds dim the light of your dreams – soar high and reach out for stars. Wishing all parents of a girl child to invest in their education, nurture their dreams and aspirations. Someday they might just make u equally proud of them.


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Store Address:

D43A Bhagat Singh Marg,
C Scheme, Jaipur
Contact no -9928351153 / 9672900007

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