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Meet Ms. Nina Justin,  25 year old Chennai based, stationary addict. A PR professional at one of the best firms in the country, she doubles up as a stationary designer by night. 

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During her mother’s birthday, searching through many stores in Chennai for a recipe book – where she could categorize her recipes based on dish/meal, etc., she found none This led customizing a recipe book for her and it came out wonderfully. Soon after this, she made a 2016 planner for her first manager who was moving to another company. This marked the beginning of The Nina Justin Design Company and there has been absolutely no looking back. She attributes her stationery passion also greatly to her father who is a “notebook” hoarder.

She plans to diversify into a wider range of paper products that millennials or rather my generation can relate to in 2017. She also plans to go retail in a couple of months where her books would be available across several coffee shops in Chennai.

Let’s know more about her journey…

Extremely interesting to be honest. I would call this little planner business of mine, an initiative that began on a whim with no looking back! Owing to my insane PR schedule, I take up only 5 orders on a monthly basis. This helps me manage both my career and hobby quite efficiently 🙂 I have also met some crazy customers – people who have asked for planners with fancy cars and Jesus. How random is that!

Challenges – faced & learning’s…

One of my biggest challenges in this business are my customers – there is sometimes so much pressure on delivering with the design, after which there is absolutely no feedback. The designs lie dead. It’s very difficult to cope sometimes with this kind of a disappointment, especially when it happens repeatedly.

Goal for the next 5 years…

I honestly hope to diversify into a range of paper products – To do lists, calendars, colouring books and the entire paper works! 🙂 I also want to open a tiny pink stationary store at some point! 🙂

Message to all the readers…

Dream. Follow your dream. And make your dreams come true!

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  1. All the best Nina. May you get chance to design some of the classiest planners, notebooks. wish i buy one when u retail it out. And thanks Mahek for the post 🙂

  2. Hey Manisha, subscribing to your blog. Hoping for many such good posts in future. All the best dear. 🙂

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