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Meet Ms. Menaka Bharathi, a.k.a SimpleIndianMom. To describe her in short  – mother of two energetic boys, mompreneur, organic food enthusiast, blogger and a parenting consultant.

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Parenting is an art and she learnt it through with her children and now she does consulting for various methods of mindful parenting to mothers across the world. Being an Agricultural Microbiologist she deals with all the good microbes that can make your food – Healthier, Chemical free, Nutritious and the earth a better place to live in.

She believes in organic food and organic life is the need of the hour. Chemical residues in food are making them toxic and lethal for human consumption. The market is flooded with fake plastic food – rice, eggs, vegetables and what not. She takes it as a personal duty and responsibility to spread this awareness through Simple Indian Mom and has come up with SIM Organics, her own organic products.

Let’s know more about her journey…

My journey as a content writer began in 2007, I used to write for many websites and found that writing came very naturally to me. This made me wonder why not start a blog for myself. In the beginning, I was not serious about blogging because content writing gave me huge pay and I had no time to write for my blog, which was not paying anything at that time.

In 2010, while working in State Department of Agriculture, I began writing seriously for my blog. It was just the passion of writing which made me write, I could not continue my content writing services because I had no time and would not be doing justice for the deadlines. Slowly I found my blog was performing well when I wrote regularly.

Being an agriculturist I have always had an inclination towards organic lifestyle and had followed the same all these years. The use of excess fertilisers (of which I had first-hand information because I was in the Department) made me want to alert people of the side effects and thus I started writing more about organic food and vegetables.

Now I have started my own Online Organics Shop – SIM Organics, through which I aim to reach out to people to consume more organically grown food and food products.


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

I feel the first challenge for a woman to begin any new venture is the ‘internal resistance’. I had always felt that the house runs on my head. Well, if you let this thought go, you will achieve more. It took really long for me to learn that, though I am the pivotal point to my home, I can control it remotely too.

The other challenges are the restriction I have in terms of getting out and reaching to people. I need to think twice before taking a step because even unconsciously I did not want to cause any trouble to my husband and his career. I have thus always tried to remain low profile and get everything documented in the right sense.

The last bottleneck which still persists is the location. I have so many opportunities that come by almost daily but are located in major cities. I being in Chhattisgarh am not able to attend these occasions and hence let go of really wonderful proposals which otherwise would have made me succeed at a faster pace


Goal for the next 5 years…

In the next 5 years, I see myself heading an empire! I have done a lot of groundwork and now am setting up the foundation of my SIM Organics along with some new developments.


Message to all the readers…

In life first decide what you want to be in future, make a thorough study of your strengths and weaknesses and then begin working towards that goal. Always set a goal around an area that is close to your heart, this will make you hold tighter even if you fail a few times. Channelize your strengths towards your goal and work hard. Success is just down the path, all we need is consistency and a grit to go get it.


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  1. Thanks a ton Manisha for the lovely post. I am truly humbled. Thanks to each one of the above commented people. Rajlakshmi-special thanks for the love you show towards my organic food posts. Thanks Roshan for constant support. Hope to do justice to all your wishes. Thanks again Manisha

  2. SIM Organics is something that people must be encouraged to consume and Menaka is doing great work through her venture as an entrepreneur. I agree with her on the need to assess our goals and start working towards it. Organic food is the need of the hour. A great write up Mahek and hats off Menaka.

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