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We celebrate love and relationships every day, still, we have a dedicated day to honour them. Well for me,  I believe in celebrating it every day and on special days too, just gives you additional reasons. Considering March is a month when we celebrate International Women’s Day I thought let’s meet some faces behind the scenes.


Don’t be.

What are the three essentials of life? Roti, Kapda aur Makaan not the film but it’s our basic essentials right? Good and authentic food is been loved by all but to find it we undergo a lot of trials at different places. India also is a home to many cuisines and all taste yum when they have their traditional flavours intact.

Set up in 2015, Iddly Faktory stands for Health cooking, Freshness, Quality of ingredients, Wholesome portions and Authenticity of the traditional flavours. Their chefs are from Kumbakonam region of Tamilnadu and are experts in recreating the authentic flavours of South India.

So what’s the connection of IDDLY Faktory with Women’s Day? Wondering?

Meet Ms. Anuradha Karthik is co-Founder of Iddly Faktory. Having a decade of mainstream PR experience, she manages branding, communications, PR and marketing at Iddly Faktory.

She gave up her mainstream PR agency job to help and build Karthik (her husband) dream. She manages Iddly Faktory and also keeps his culinary dream aflame. Passion for food binds both of them. A friendly personality, she is a multitasker who dons many hats from a hunter wielding taskmaster, cleanup bot, to a laugh out prankster.

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Let’s know more about her journey…

My journey from being a PR professional to starting Iddly Faktory has been quite interesting. My husband, Karthik Krishnamurthy has the passion for cooking and inviting people over home and I love to manage all kinds of parties or get-together. We were encouraged by many of our friends to start our own food business as both of us complement each other a lot in this. We were an inspiration to many of my male friends but some of my female friends were also jealous. We even used to have arguments about cooking and have had a lot of funny arguments over each other’s grandmother’s recipes. Eventually, in the year 2014, I decided to quit my full-time job as a PR professional and joined Karthik is setting up Iddly Faktory.

Challenges – faced & learnings…

Every day is a challenge and a learning for us. While running a food startup it is very important to handle major challenges that can directly or indirectly affect the business mechanism. We tried various methods, learnt from our mistakes and had sleepless nights to setup Iddly Faktory. People think that we are a food business and serving food is very easy but growing and sustaining the quality business is very difficult. We hired and are still hiring the right kind of people, who have the same passion and commitment as we have in our business. As a food entrepreneur, customer service is very important. Therefore, we invest time, effort and money to keep our customers motivated and happy.

Goal for the next 5 years…

The goal is to serve good quality, authentic south Indian food to our customers at affordable rates. Within the next 5 years, we aim to open one dine-in restaurant and open few more corporate counters.

Message to all the readers…

Every business has its own uniqueness and everyone have their own taste and preference. There is plenty to learn in a business. One needs to be self-motivated and have loads of patience. A lot of people would give suggestions, advice and even criticism but it is important to take a note of everything and work on it so that you can succeed in your business.

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  1. Anuradha sounds like a very smart and interesting lady. I am sure both she and her husband’s food business will keep doing well. It is good to see them aiming at quality in their business.
    All the best,
    Blogger’s Pit Stop

  2. Great to read about people like Ms Anuradha who believes in making a whole difference to the consumers’ experience. There are very few like her who are passionate and giving flight to dreams.

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