Knowing more about Menopause…

“Nani, Mamma is not feeling well. She is having a lot of weakness during her periods and her pain is also not stopping. I think she got her periods also after 3 months.She is not coming to the doctor as well. Not listening. Not eating properly. I am worried” said Manu in a worried tone on a call with her Nani.

“You remember the first time when your periods began how nerved up you were? Your mamma took care of you, explained you everything and helped you to get used to of your new bodily changes. Now it’s your turn bacha.” said her Nani.

“But I am not understanding every month we have our periods why is this so different, why she is in so much pain, plus you know mamma she always hides her pain,” said Manu in a low tone.

“Listen carefully to me Manu, what starts also has an end. A girl’s fertility period begins with her menstruation but it ends as well”

“Seriously Nani”, she exclaimed from the other side.

“Now listen to me bacha properly, you need to understand this when your menstruation stops its called as Menopause and it brings a lot of changes in a female body. If not taken care it can have a lot of negative effects on her health. There are a lot of hormonal changes and if not taken care off her future health would be affected. Like when menstruation starts there are changes when it stops or is about to stop also there are changes. If not taken care off she could have osteoporosis, heart disease, overweight and lot of other problems. I don’t know whether your mummy has menopause or its pre-menopause. Bacha, this also has psychological implications”

“Mamma would be fine na Nani,” she asked.

“Bacha, she needs your love and care. You need to take her to the doctor and take care of her nutritional requirements. She is weak. Listen, I will share my medical history because the gynaecologist may ask mother’s history while making any diagnosis.Remember my and Mamma’s history for yourself as well for your time,” said her Nani.

“I wish we all talk about this. Thanks, Nani you helped me understand this. It’s so much important for a girl, a woman to take care of her health all the time. She undergoes so much at various stages in her life. We need more awareness about this. Love You, Nani. Thanks. I promise to take care of Mamma.”


Menstruation itself is a taboo and Menopause we hardly talk about it. Talk to your mother about it. As a girl, you need to know it for yourself.


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  1. Good one ! When we talk about all the topics ……why to hide these and keep talking to ourself, lets open up for topics and write ups like this.

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