Oh! My Name

What is in a name?

“Name” gives you an identity. If I have to think deep we run throughout our life to create a name for ourselves. There may be thousands of people with the same name but we all want to stand out for something. We wish to be identified with something special.

As a newborn, we may not care about anything but as we grow things change. As we grow we want our names to make a mark and all the people associated with us also share the same feeling. As a child, I want Mahek should come first at the same time my mother also wants to see that.

This discussion can go on, I think.

We do feel special when we receive personalised stuff with our name, am I correct? We love personalised diaries, mug, frames etc. It makes us feel happy, brings a smile on our face and even our loved ones.

I thought lets gift a child something special. I came across this website which makes personalised books for a child. A site fully dedicated to the book Oh My Name. Can you believe it?ย  I gave it a try. I was pretty impressed with the outcome. The delivery was quick and so were the contents of the parcel – the book and the puppet.

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There is something about story books. I love them. Call me kiddish or mad I can still read them forever. I love all the fairy tales till date, it gives me positivity and hope. I believe in them. They work on a child subtly but effectively. Books should be a child’s friend throughout. Some messages which we can’t communicate effectively is been done by them.

So coming back to this book, in the initial years of a child when you are teaching them it’s so difficult to get things across. We use stories to explain things so why not do it to teach them their name. When a “Name” has so much impact then we can give it the required impetus as well.

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This book is a journey to discover your name. I think it’s effective and a smart way for your kids. Nikhil who is the author of this book, himself went through this situation and so he has taken utmost care to develop it. A parent can understand it the best!

It’s been created especially for –

Blog 110 - Oh My Name - 3.jpg

You can get your personalised book at oh my name website.

By selecting few options you can create your personalised book for your loved ones. Isn’t that quick and easy!

Hope you will enjoy it too. Gift it to your child or your loved ones.

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  1. The illustration is so beautifully done. Agree, personalized items makes a huge difference to someone. The kid is having a gala time. How I wish I could be a child again!

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