Medical Emergencies – When the unknown knocks

We cannot be prepared for the future however, we anticipate few things and we plan. One of the unplanned and unknown emergencies which can strike anyone at any time is a medical emergency. Medical/Doctor/Health always has a negative connotation to it but, when an emergency strikes we can’t do anything, just face it point blank.

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We all are important; we share a close knit bond with family and friends. For our survival and prosperity we need to be in a good condition; good health forms the foundation. So why do we all associate all those people around it with a negative sentiment. They are helping us, aren’t they?

We can’t be fully prepared for an emergency; however, we can plan and more importantly know a few things. Sometimes knowing and remembering things at the right time helps the most during emergencies, friends. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference!

I listed down a few pointers for a medical emergency which we should be aware of:

  • Contact Information: The contact information of all the healthcare providers like doctors or chemists or any person which whom your family member is dealing with for any healthcare related stuff. Store it in your mobile. Every family member should have that information so at that time we are not running around to find these basics. Contact details of friends are also helpful. Keep the contact details of close friends with your family members as well.


  • Medical History: I am going to dwell a lot on this so bear with me. This for me is the most important!! We go to a doctor and may be just forget it. Due to whatever reasons we don’t always share everything with our family members. So there is a gap in communication. Imagine missing out on the most critical information during an emergency! Friends, this is my experience having worked in pharma & healthcare sector. Medical history is a very important piece of information which needs to be known to every member within the family. If I fall sick there has to be someone else who knows about my history to share it during an emergency to arrive at the right course of medication. A medical history tells about your past diseases or infections, records, allergies to specific medications or anything and even your food habits all this becomes imperative for a medical practitioner during an emergency for the future course of action. It helps! Trust me, it does!

What if he/she gives you medication which you are allergic to and no one knows about it?

What if emergency arrived because you did not take the correct medications on time or did the correct follow ups or tests recommended on time?

What if due to some side effect of some previous history of disease you got an emergency?

What if you suffered from a disease which no one knows and you suffer a relapse after ages?

So many what ifs, right? Do we realize all this, always? Do we consider it as important?

We save all are important documents in lockers or at important places so information about us is equally important. We say sharing is caring but why we don’t follow it when it comes to health; it continues to remain the last point on our to-do list.


swarg se toh aap bol nahi paoge ji toh yahin rehkar bol do.

One more important thing, we should know some basic information like the blood group and allergies and even medications because, you never know when you need it. Sometimes when you are taking medication you can’t donate blood so please know it and share it with your key people.


  • Medical Insurance: In India, do we all think of medical insurance with as much seriousness as our child’s marriage? There are a few steps taken but we have to take care of our own security. We invest in a house, jewellery, clothes for ourselves so we should think of a medical insurance as well. This becomes one our tools for our planning for the unknown. Please check. In case you don’t have one, get it soon! And yes, know about the details of the medical insurance if you have one because, it would be handy when a medical emergency strikes. Please know the names and number of policy holders, amount insured, documents needed, whether it’s a cashless policy and all such information. When there is an emergency what is the procedure to claim is also important. If it’s an office policy there would be guidelines however, for a personal one please check with the contact person for all the details.


  • Money: We would always need it, so always keep some cash handy. Not only for the medicines and hospital expenses but also for other smaller things. You have an emergency so you may not be prepared for the daily stuff the patient needs which may or may not be available in the hospital or even you may need a cuppa of tea J


It’s one of my biggest blogs and important to. So please don’t forget your medications, follow-ups and tests once home. Post medical care is equally crucial.

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Please do share the information if you think it’s useful for you, it may help someone else as well.

Keep Smiling, Be Healthy Always!

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  1. This is so true. We Indians pay less attention to these things. Saving the post to read again and again as a reminder.

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