Rang Barse…

This song has been etched in our memories, whenever we think Holi this has to play in my mind.

Its spring time, Holi is around the corner and it’s about colours and more colours. I think everyone would have their best Holi moments in their childhood. As we grow up we have different reasons not to play or avoid the festival of colours. Lot of students miss it because of their exams but for some it is just another holiday. Something which we enjoyed to the hilt when we were small, we avoid it when we grow up?  What stops us from enjoying it now? There could be various reasons enjoying a family trip out of town on the long weekend or be extra cautious about the side-effects of Holi colour on our skin and what about hair damage? Even that is important. In some cases, it is a day to de-stress from busy professional schedule by cashing in on the extra hours of sleep. I am not being judgmental and I understand that every person would have their reason and it would be valid in their situation.

When there is problem we try and find a solution right. What if, I try and find some solution and try to play Holi. What will happen?

I would shout #Holi Hai #Holi Hai

I would sings songs #Rang Barse… #Balam Pichkari…

I would dance to #Aaj na chodenge bas humjoli…

I would eat ghujia, garam garam kachoris, dahi wade and drink thandai

I would hide to throw colours on family and friends….kaise rang lagaun, lal ya gulabi ya pila…

I would sit and enjoy few old memories with my friends and family

I would just forget how my face looks or my hair looks and would just be myself enjoying every moment. We have our evergreen coconut oil, skin care creams and hair-fall shampoos, heheh to take care of the post Holi care!

In my childhood we use to put colours, friends would throw water through pichkaris or balloons, we use to hide and be ready to apply the colour first. After a fun filled day head home eat and again find reasons to go back. With cousins it was so much fun everyone used to participate and there was colour in the entire house. We use to play at one house then another and in between just gobble up so much good food. We were all red and blue by evening and tired but it was fun. Till today it is a task to recognize our own face among the childhood Holi pics. Isn’t it?



Don’t hold back. Just let your heart out and enjoy Holi. World won’t end if you take off some time for personal enjoyment. Take precautions by oiling and taking care of ourselves, play with safe harmless colours also, there is water shortage going on in some places so do avoid water usage.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

Are you joining me in the fun?

#KhulkeKheloHoli – Watch this youtube video and enjoy… #Holi Hai

Picture Credits: http://depositphotos.com/21924479/stock-illustration-kids-playing-holi-festival.html



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